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In the heart of Norwich, a metamorphosis is brewing within the iconic Lanes, and True Love Tattoos are at the forefront of this artistic evolution. Contemplating a shift from its cosy abode in Bridewell Alley, True Love Tattoos has set its sights on a more expansive canvas – the promising locale of St Gregory’s Alley.

Nestled adjacent to the ever-popular Athena Games, the potential move comes on the heels of a strategic vacancy left by the iBar beauty clinic earlier this year. As the city council meticulously reviews the submitted designs, the prospect of a new chapter for True Love Tattoos awaits in the architectural embrace of St Gregory’s Alley.

The envisioned ground floor of the new space promises a dynamic transformation. A central studio area will be the epicentre of creativity, where ink meets skin to create a living, breathing art. A welcoming reception area will invite clients into a realm where imagination knows no bounds. Practical additions like a kitchenette and restroom facilities aim to enhance both the customer and artist experience. Venturing below, the lower ground floor is earmarked to house a dedicated shop space seamlessly integrated with ample storage, creating a symbiotic relationship between aesthetics and functionality.

Norwich Evening News: The former iBar in St Gregorys Alley
The former iBar in St Gregory Alley (Image: Google Maps)

Actual Love Tattoos, known for its commitment to craftsmanship and innovative designs, anticipates the move with unwavering positivity. A spokesperson for the tattoo studio expressed enthusiasm, heralding the relocation as a strategic and affirmative step towards expansion. The new locale promises a larger physical space and signifies a metaphorical expansion of horizons for True Love Tattoos.

This revelation comes hot on the heels of another ink-centric establishment in the city, as New Leaf Tattoo Parlour divulges plans to relocate. Currently stationed on Upper King Street, New Leaf is poised to move significantly to 128 Magdalen Street, the former domain of S&J Seafood fishmongers. Operating with an air of mystery, New Leaf has intriguingly kept its location under wraps, revealing it only once a booking is confirmed.

Poppy Segger, the entrepreneurial force behind New Leaf, explained the rationale behind the move, citing the business’s remarkable growth. The decision to relocate to a larger space on Magdalen Street aligns with ambitious plans to bring on board more staff, thereby expanding the spectrum of services offered to clients.

Norwich Evening News: Shanice Bramwell of True Love Tattoos (left) with a client
Shanice Bramwell of True Love Tattoos (left) with a client (Image: Denise Bradley)

As True Love Tattoos and New Leaf chart new trajectories within Norwich’s tattoo landscape, the Lanes seem poised for a resurgence of artistic vigour. The transition from Bridewell Alley to St Gregory’s Alley reflects not just a change in location but a transformative journey, promising a revitalized canvas for creative expression.

The pulse of Norwich’s artistic heart quickens, heralding the arrival of fresh ink, creative visions, and a palpable sense of anticipation. The Lanes, steeped in history, stand witness to the evolving tapestry of urban artistry, where tattoo studios are not just spaces but storytellers etching narratives on the city’s skin.

As True Love Tattoos contemplates a move that transcends mere geography, it embraces a narrative of expansion, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence. With their cobblestone streets and storied walls, the Lanes await the next chapter in the ink-stained chronicles of Norwich’s ever-evolving creative landscape.

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