Ebanie Bridges’ Cheeky Conor McGregor Tribute


Ebanie Bridges, the former IBF boxing world champion, has once again grabbed headlines with a stunning tattoo that pays homage to her close association with UFC legend Conor McGregor. The Australian boxer and influencer, who lost her IBF title in a December clash against Miyo Yoshida, has been fostering a growing connection with McGregor, and her latest tattoo is a bold declaration of appreciation.

Bridges, 37, has been making waves in the boxing ring and business realm, particularly as the current face of McGregor’s Forged Irish Stout. The partnership between Bridges and McGregor has blossomed, with the stunning boxer accompanying the UFC icon to Anthony Joshua’s knockout victory over Robert Helenius in August. Dressed in promotional gear for McGregor’s business venture, Bridges has become a prominent figure for the brand.

The ‘Blonde Bomber’ recently went beyond the usual expressions of admiration by labelling McGregor an “inspiration.” However, she took her appreciation to a new level by proudly displaying the ‘Forged Irish Stout’ logo on her buttock, albeit as a temporary tattoo.

The Blonde Bomber revealed a temporary 'Forged' tattoo on her bum
The Blonde Bomber revealed a temporary ‘Forged’ tattoo on her bum(Image: ebanie_bridges)

In a recent Instagram story, Bridges shared a cheeky snapshot alongside ring girl Chloe Ellman-Baker. Both women playfully flaunted their peachy bums while giving the camera captivating smiles. The photo, taken during a moment of lightheartedness, left little to the imagination. Ellman-Baker posed in skimpy short shorts while Bridges pulled down her jogging bottoms to reveal the temporary tattoo on her derrière.

Adding a touch of humour, Bridges captioned the image with: “Post a random photo; otherwise, 2024 gonna be the unluckiest year of your life.” The playful banter and carefree spirit showcased in the snapshot reflect the camaraderie between Bridges and her circle.

Ebanie Bridges poses with Conor McGregor
Ebanie Bridges is sponsored by Conor McGregor’s brand(Image: INSTAGRAM/ebanie_bridges)

It’s worth noting that Ellman-Baker had previously been flown out to San Francisco by McGregor to support Bridges ahead of a significant title fight. Ebanie tagged both Chloe and McGregor in the post, creating a social media moment that undoubtedly caught the attention of fans and followers.

While the tattoo may be temporary, the gesture symbolises Bridges’ gratitude and support for McGregor and his ventures. As the ‘Blonde Bomber’ continues to make waves in and out of the ring, her association with McGregor adds an extra layer of excitement for fans and sponsors alike. The camaraderie between Bridges and McGregor is undeniably a unique blend of athleticism, business collaboration, and playful cheekiness.

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