Michigan Ranks High for This Type of Tattoo – No Regrets!

I’ve been a huge fan of tattoos for a long time.

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iStock via Getty Images

Although I do not have one, many of my family and friends do.

Lindsey, my wife, has had a couple of tattoos done in the last few years that depict a place where she is happy.

Credit: Big Joe Pesh / TSM

My wife loves Costa Rica and so her brother Travis also got one.

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Zippia, a website that specializes in tattoo research, has done extensive research on which states get more tattoos than others.

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Google Trends was used to find out which tattoos each state got more often than the others, using a search proxy to measure tattoo intention.

Credit: sherman yang via unsplash

Let’s take a look at what the most popular tattoos are in neighboring states before I tell you which tattoos were most popular in Michigan.


Credit: Canva

Wisconsin has more tattoos of a Fox than any other state.


I thought that they may have a Packers’ tattoo or a huge piece of cheese.


many barbed wire in the refugee camp with vintage effect

Illinois is the state that gets barbed-wire tattoos more often than any other.


Credit: Canva

Indiana is the state that gets a more popular tattoo than any other. It’s a tattoo of a sheep.


Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

The tattoo Ohio gets more than other states is a whale tattoo. Is there a large number of whales in Ohio?

If you thought our neighboring states had some interesting tattoo choices you might want to sit down for what tattoo Zippa says Michiganders get more than other states.

Michiganders get this type of tattoo more than other states

As a Michigander, I assumed people would get a sports-related tattoo, such as the Red Wings or Pistons. When I discovered that Michiganders tattooed Biden more often than any other state, I was shocked.

Gabriel Aponte

Biden was not the only President that people wanted to get tattooed.

The top tattoo in Mississippi was of President Donald Trump

President Trump Holds Two Campaign Rallies In Florida

I am going to get a tattoo of the Detroit Lions winning Super Bowl 58.

Detroit Lions v Oakland Raiders

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