Takeoff’s Gigantic Tattoo Tribute Sets a New World Record

World Record for Giant Tattoo Tribute to Takeoff

A team of tattooists has been rewarded with a Guinness World Record for their remarkable tribute to late American rapper Takeoff. Atlanta Ink, Iron Palm Tattoos and Pese-Noir in Atlanta, Georgia, collaborated to produce the world’s most prominent tattoo artwork dedicated to the hip-hop artist.

Guinness World Records says the tattoo is 79 square feet, 6 square inches. It was inked meticulously onto synthetic skin, which artists often use to perfect their craft. The tattoo is a touching tribute to Takeoff, whose real name is Kirsnick Ball. He was a renowned member of the hip-hop trio Migos. Tragically he died in November 2022.

Guinness World Records states, “The superlative Tattoo measured a whopping area of 79 square feet, 6 square inches and was inked into a giant piece synthetic silicone that artists use for honing their craft.”

It’s not the first time artists have paid tribute to the late artist. Offset, another Migos band member and Takeoff’s cousin unveiled a large tattoo on his back in April to honour his beloved bandmate. The tattoo was an image of Takeoff with gold chains and the sentiment “Love you for 4L and beyond.”

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The considerable tattoo, created by talented artists, is a testament to Takeoff’s influence and impact on the music industry.

“It is special to be able to create something that stays with people for their lifetime,” Atlanta tattoo artist JR Outlaw told the media, “I just want people to reflect on him as a person and his legacy in music and the city,” he added.

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