Tammy Hembrow Flaunts New ‘Matt’ Tattoo Amidst Controversy


Australian influencer Tammy Hembrow has reportedly got new ink dedicated to her current boyfriend, Love Island Australia’s Matt Zukowski, and some folks aren’t too keen on the piece.

After they were spotted packing on the PDA in Sydney back in September and officially launching their relationship on Instagram in October, it seems like the influencer might’ve taken a ‘massive step in her new relationship.

In a recent Instagram Story, Hembrow seemed to be showing off a new tattoo inspired by the reality TV star-turned-podcast-host.

In the post, the influencer is recorded posing in front of the beautiful waters of the Maldives — where she and Zukowski are currently holidaying — when the camera quickly zooms into her new ink.

The tattoo, which was only on camera for a couple of seconds, appears to read “Matt,” followed by a heart on her inner hip.

Honestly, with the cheeky zoom-in, I reckon she was trying to show off her new tattoo without being too obvious. It’s like those sneaky thirst trap posts you make when you want to grab someone’s attention. IYKYK.

In an IG repost from Australia influencer gossip page Dutchminty (@dutchminty), punters dislike Hembrow’s decision to ink herself with Zukowski’s name, with most folks commenting on how fresh their relationship is.

“Always a good decision when embarking on a new relationship!” one person commented on the repost of Hembrow’s IG Story.

“Why would you get a man’s tattoo after dating for 5 minutes but not get any of your fiance’s?” Another commented, mentioning the influencer’s previous engagements with Matt Poole and Reece Hawkins.

“Laser is going to hurt in that spot,” a third wrote.

One Insta user mentioned that Zukowski and his ex-GF, Genevive, have matching tattoos, which he has previously mentioned in his podcast Where’s Your Head At?

Screen Shot 2023 11 26 at 3.58.21 pm
(Image source: Instagram / @dutchminty)

Honestly, that take makes so much sense. It also feels like she got the tattoo to mark her territory as his new partner. IDK, that’s just how I think about the new piece.

Regardless of the length of the relationship, I would never get anyone’s name tatted on me. But maybe tattoos are Hembrow’s love language. Who knows?

It’ll be interesting to see if Zukowski got a matching one, just like he did with his ex.

But I guess we’ll have a hard launch on Instagram.

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