The Australian Tattoo Expo: A showcase of inked culture and artistry

Do you want to get inked? Some of Australia’s most talented tattoo artists and body art lovers are heading down to Darling Harbour for the annual Australian Tattoo Expo. This event is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and will include a carefully curated line-up of artists as well as live entertainment. March 10-12. The event will be hosted by Ami James of television’s Miami Ink and Ink Master and will feature up to 400 tattoo artists from around the globe.

Australian Tattoo Expo

The Australian Tattoo Expo will allow you to show off your tattoos and get some tat. The Australian Tattoo Expo will also introduce the CTAA (Competitive Tattooing Association Australia). Australian Tattoo Series CompetitionThe cash prize will be worth AUD 60,000 to the winner artists. The competition will allow you to show off your unsuccessful tattoos. The Shittest Competition in Tattoos It takes place on Saturday and Sunday. The public will vote for the worst tattoos and winners could win prizes or tattoo vouchers.

Tattoos aside, there’s a lot more planned to make it a fun day out for everyone. There will be entertainment for all ages on the mainstage. Fire dancers, sword-swallowing Fun competitions. Tattoo enthusiasts can also have a live chat with Ami jam and Kian Forreal of Authentic Ink. You will be able to meet a wide range of artists and learn about the latest trends. You can make an appointment to have your tattoo done if you feel inspired. Visit their website. website Click here to find out more and book your tickets

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