Woman in tears after her tattoo didn’t go as she expected

A young woman breaks down over a tattoo that she will keep for her entire life.

The young American woman was stunned to see her first ink.

She wept into the camera of her phone, explaining that the large art was not the one she wanted and was meant for a coloring book.

‘I’m stuck with this f***ing thing for the rest of my life. She wept, “It doesn’t look like the picture, and I don’t know how to move forward.”

She stated that she had shown the artist the image she desired and he told her he would need to alter it to make it hers.

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A young woman was shocked after receiving a huge tattoo.

He had been to her twice and she said he did “good work”. She trusted him to design the project.

He handed her the stencil and she was thrilled. However, she claims that she should have seen the stencil from different angles or in mirrors.

“It was my fault, it wasn’t difficult enough… I didn’t pay enough attention. She exclaimed that she did see the stencil. It was on my skin.

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This is the image that she gave to her artist to work with – but she claims her artwork isn’t like it
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This is the “after” picture that made the young lady cry. It was too cartoonish, she said.

She was overwhelmed with emotion after seeing the final piece, and she continued to weep the entire way home.

Others agreed that the tattoo was fine and not too different from what she wanted.

She disagreed and said that the piece was bigger than the artwork she had imagined.

“It wasn’t what I expected.” She explained that expectations can lead only to disappointment.

These videos became very popular quickly and were seen by millions before the girl removed her profile.

One person assured her that she would be happy with her new tattoo.

Accept it. Every tattoo I have ever received felt bad. It was then that I realized I liked it. “It is beautiful,” one woman declared.

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