After a pandemic in Nepal, the Nepal International Tattoo Convention has returned to the Capital

After nearly three years of COVID-19-driven deprivation, the Nepal International Tattoo Convention (one the most loved and beloved tattoo festivals of Nepal) is finally back in business.

The 10th Edition is scheduled for April 7, 8, 9 and 9, in Washington, DC.

Bijay Shrestha, Director of Nepal Tattoo Pvt Ltd, the festival organizer stated that the festival will have approximately 95 to 100 booths with around 220-230 tattoo artists from different parts of the world.

He said that they continue to receive inquiries from tattoo artists all over the globe about booths at the convention.

They have stopped accepting information requests as all booths are already booked.

“Our convention has received very positive responses. Shrestha discussed the convention’s trend’ of tattooing traditional, black, grey and Tibetan designs.

Shrestha announced that the convention will feature tattoo artists from 19 countries, including Nepal. Guy Le, Jeff Gouge and other big names in tattoo arts will be present at the convention. Yogi (Pepa), Dillon Marco, Marco, and Rhys Gordon will also be attending as well as Nepali artists Binayshri Kisi and John.

Shrestha states that artists from Mexico, Colombia and Spain will be represented at the convention. Along with Nepal, Spain, Italy, and Italy will all be represented.

Shrestha explains to us that the core organizing group for the convention includes Om Gurung, Director of Nepal Tattoo Pvt Ltd, and Shrestha. They coordinate all artists and sponsors and present the festival of art in the Himalayas.

Shrestha explained that putting together an event after three years was difficult, especially when you consider the slowing global economy including Nepal’s.

“Many countries reopened tattoo conventions in the summer after the pandemic. We were unable to achieve this. Nepal recently opened its market. Shrestha explained that Nepal is very expensive for artists. So, we took into account the economic situation of Nepal and did it last year.

He stated that the festival was difficult to put together, despite the positive response of artists and our team to the convention this year.

Shrestha and his team are excited to bring back all the positive vibes from this years convention.

He said that he was excited to be reunited with everyone after almost three years. It’s almost like going to the convention for the first-time.

The convention will showcase the talents and products of tattoo artists as well as the clothing and accessories lines of vendors involved in tattooing. The convention was organized by Mohan’s Tattoo Inn, and Nepal Tattoo Pvt Ltd.

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