Alabama Fan’s Dedication: Wrexham AFC Tattoo Sparks Global Fandom


Wrexham AFC, a club that has captured the hearts of fans across the globe, recently saw one of its international supporters from Alabama, USA, permanently ink his dedication to the team.

Joe Donahue, a 42-year-old software engineer from Birmingham, Alabama, first discovered Wrexham AFC through the Disney+ documentary “Welcome to Wrexham,” which aired last year. Like many international fans, Joe was drawn into Wrexham’s captivating world and pledged his allegiance to the teacher, having followed Wrexham’s journey closely since Joe embarked on his second visit to the town. During this trip, he made a commitment he had semi-jokingly mentioned before – to get a Wrexham-inspired tattoo, a symbol of his passion for the club that has made waves worldwide.

The task of bringing Joe’s vision to life fell upon Dave Griff, a talented artist based in Wrexham, known for his exceptional designs that have garnered recognition not only locally but also on an international scale.

Dave admitted that requests for Wrexham AFC-themed tattoos had skyrocketed, especially since the club’s promotion earlier this year. Fans like Joe, who crossed continents to support the team, were a testament to the club’s expanding global reach.

Reflecting on his decision to get inked with the Wrexham AFC emblem, Joe shared, “I semi-joked before I came out to Wrexham in April saying that I’d get a Wrexham tattoo if they won the league while I was in Wrexham. Then I started seeing some badge tattoo designs that I liked.”

Joe’s decision was further solidified as he observed the impressive work of Dave Griff. “So I decided actually to get one,” he continued. “I didn’t have a chance to get one while I was over in April, so I got one during my most recent trip. Dave designed it, and he is an amazing artist.”

For Joe, the Disney+ documentary provided a window into the immense energy surrounding the team and its matches. He explained, “The biggest thing I got from the documentary was the energy around the team and the games. I started watching the games to see where things would go. Even just watching the games, it was easy to sense the enthusiasm from the supporters.”

Although Joe has returned to the United States, his dedication to Wrexham AFC remains unwavering. He eagerly anticipates following the club’s progress throughout the season and is equally excited about the release of the documentary’s second season.

Joe’s decision to etch the Wrexham AFC emblem onto his skin is a testament to the remarkable journey of a club that transcends borders, winning the hearts of fans like Joe Donahue, who proudly wear their loyalty to the team, regardless of the miles that separate them.

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