Berwyn tattoo artist is accused of trying to meet with a teenager

After police claimed that he had solicited minors in sex, a Berwyn tattooist was charged with multiple felonies.

According to the Sheriff’s Office Gerardo Melendez (32), was speaking to Cook County Sheriff’s Police Investigators.

Cook County Sheriff’s Police

After noticing inappropriate messages posted to a social networking platform by Melendez’s daughter, Melendez’s 15, and Melendez’s police investigators from the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit, a woman contacted Sheriff’s Police.

Melendez had previously met the mother of the teenage girl when he took her to Melendez in November 2013 for her first tattoo.

According to the Sheriff’s Office with permission from the mother, sheriff’s office officers pretended to be the 15-year-old girl.

Melendez sent the girl numerous explicit texts over the next four week. He also sent a photograph to her and a text message. The Sheriff’s office confirmed that Melendez had made arrangements to meet Melendez at Lyons’ café at 10:30 a.m. Thursday.

Melendez was arrested immediately upon his arrival. Melendez was arrested by the Sheriff’s Office immediately upon his arrival. He is charged with two counts of indecent solicitation, attempted aggravated criminal sexual abuse, traveling to meet minors, manufacturing harmful material and grooming.

He will appear at a bond hearing on Saturday.

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