Controversy over Naked Mannequins in Sudbury Shop Sparks Debate

In a Suffolk town, a new tattoo shop has splashed by displaying naked mannequins on its storefront.

Under Your Skin in North Street Sudbury has begun a debate on whether these figures are offensive.

The business was set up by friends Jenna-Lee Fourie-Cook, 32, and Rochelle King, 33, and only opened last month.

Ms. King said: “A woman came in and explained to me that she shouldn’t have to keep seeing these naked mannequins and shouldn’t have to keep explaining to her children that they are nude. She said that they should be covered because it’s offensive.

East Anglian Daily Times:

“I was shocked. It is a good topic for discussion. I posted it on Facebook to see if others agreed. I received only positive responses.

“I expected someone to agree with me, but nobody did. Not even those who do not like tattoos.”

Ms. King was not trying to cause controversy. She simply spotted mannequins being sold and decided to make an art installation for her new business.

She added: “It’s different. I had no intention of having mannequins on display. I saw them on sale and thought I could use them to doodle and create an art feature.

East Anglian Daily Times:

My business partner was initially unsure. She said it might be tacky, but I said I was going to get an acrylic pen and draw over them.

Barbie dolls with flat female bodies are often mentioned on Facebook.

“As a parent myself, I could understand if they were explicit but they are just rounded-off mannequins.”

The shop provides aesthetic treatments like lip filler, wrinkle filler, and body piercings.

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