How Thailand’s Body Art is Helping to Boost its Soft Power

Narutchai Bunnag, a candidate for Bangkok’s MP seat under the Thai Sang Thai Party (TST), wants to promote Thailand’s soft power by tattooing.

The 32-year-old grandson, Marut Bunnag (deceased former House speaker and deputy Democrat Leadership), wants to follow in the footsteps of his late grandfather by promoting Thai Body Art.

In promotional posters, he is seen wearing his party shirt and displaying his tattoos on his sleeves. This makes him a rare political figure in Thailand.

Some people initially were reluctant to talk to him because he was different than other candidates. He wants to change the way people view tattoos. Tattoos are often seen as criminal.

“I am a lover of art.” I love tattoos. “I like this kind of art,” said Mr. Narutchai.

Before I entered politics I didn’t care what people thought about me [tattoos] It didn’t impact my work. But when I won’t be the representative of the people, I listen carefully to their concerns. Some asked me why I had so many tattoos.

He added, “I have not encountered any obstacles in the two years since I chose this path.” “People accept me just as I am. That’s the most important thing.” [thing].”

M. Narutchai, who is the Thai Minister of Culture and Tourism’s Soft Power Ambassador, said that although some people might associate tattoos with drug addicts or prison inmates. He wants to use this opportunity to promote tattoos in Thailand as an art form.

He said: “I don’t want people to judge a book based on its cover. I want them to understand that.” “Many people with tattoos work hard for their family and don’t cause any trouble in society.”

If elected, he will promote tattoo businesses in many styles such as tribal, traditional, and modern, and change the perception of tattooed people.

He said that Thai tattoos are particularly popular with foreigners. Customers are willing to wait over a full year for the chance to get tattooed by a well-known Thai artist, according to him.

Thailand can generate billions in soft power revenue if this business is promoted and supported properly, said the official.

He said, “It appears that there aren’t many politicians who show much interest in tattoos.”

I know that it can be promoted to bring income to the country. I know it can bring in income for the country.”

Even though his grandfather belonged to the Democrat Party (DP), Mr. Narutchai runs under the TST banner led by Khunying Keyuraphan.

Mr. Narutchai stated, “I watched my late grandfather helping many people during his lifetime.” “I studied law in his footsteps.”

He continued, “Being a legal professional can be helpful to people, but it’s not nearly as beneficial as what my grandfather was able to do.”

“My grandfather motivated me to achieve what I desired. I wanted to be part of the system that drove the development of the country. “That made me want to be a representative for the people and in politics.”

Mr. Narutchai is a graduate of Assumption Law School. He completed his master’s in law at Cornell University and the University of Southern California.

He was a practicing lawyer before joining TST. He said he met Khunying Sudrarat one day and learned about her political intentions.

“As Khunying Sudarat saw my desire to be like my grandfather, Khunying Sudarat gave me a second chance and nominated me as a candidate for the Bangkok constituencies of Yannawa, and Bang Kho Laem. This is an area that I am familiar with.”

Since becoming a presidential candidate, he said he visited people every day in different communities.

He said that the TST has gained popularity since people began to realize its determination to improve living conditions. Khunying Sudarat, who has been in politics for over 30 years, also attracts support from the public.

“I work very hard myself.” “I meet people almost every day to help others get to know me,” said Mr. Narutchai.

“If I do not get sick, I will continue.”

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