Jake Paul shows off impressive new tattoo designs

JAKE PAUL shows off his new tattoos, which include an angel sleeve.

The social media star who turned into a boxer has also had a tattoo of a tiger on his foot.

He showed off his new body art on Instagram
He posted his new body art to InstagramCredit: INSTAGRAM
The designs include a leg sleeve of an angel
The designs include a leg sleeve of an angelCredit: INSTAGRAM
As well as a tiger's face on his foot
A tiger’s foot also has a face credit: INSTAGRAM

In a post to his 22.4 million Instagram followers, he shared photos of the tattoo preparation captioned “a review week”.

He then uploaded the completed work to his Instagram Story.

It is highly detailed and includes a warrior skeleton as well as a moth. Then it goes to an angel on a cloudy background.

The body art is then extended to a tiger’s visage on the foot of the boxer.

Paul already has several tattoos. He confused Tommy Fury’s defeat when one of his designs was missing.

He had got a blue raspberry Au Vodka bottle tattooed onto his arm which after a wager with BBC DJ Charlie Sloth, who owns the drinks company.

Fans couldn’t spot Fury’s design during Fury’s fight, so some wondered if it was really real.

Paul recently slammed KSI for being “insecure” following the firing of Wade Plemons, a Misfits Boxing broadcaster, in a row.

Paul was quick to intervene in the feud to back Plemons.

He tweeted, “Such insecure clowns. Wade is quality. He plays it down the middle.

“Says things about me I don’t like, but that just means he’s keeping his opinions real. Let’s get back to my vacation.

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