Martha Stewart gets a tattoo: See the surprising moment

Martha Stewart for Skechers Hands Free Slip-ins®

Martha Stewart for Skechers Hands-Free Slip-ins®


Martha Stewart is not afraid to take risks. As shown in the upcoming commercial.

The 81-year-old lifestyle mogul will be appearing in a clip for Skechers, in which she demonstrates how easy it is to slip on the athletic shoe brand’s Hands-Free Slip-ins® footwear.

“You don’t even have to touch them,” she says, putting her stockings on to relax in a chair that turns up to be at a tattoo shop.

Stewart is seen leaning over, and then getting inked with a shoulder tattoo featuring Snoop Dogg. Below Stewart’s eyes are the words “My Dogg” and “My Dogg”

Stewart says approvingly, “Oooooooooo,” “That’s gangsta.”

Stewart also shows how simple it is to perform Olympic-worthy, perfect-10 gymnastic turns. The Snoop tribute is still the highlight.

Skechers received the commercial. YouTube channel Stewart posted a photo of herself in her tattoo chair to Instagram. This proves that Stewart is real, and it’s now available for all.

“Thanks for the amazing tattoo @scottcampbell,” Stewart captioned the pic, calling out the celeb tattoo artist. “Forever connected in ink avec my favorite @snoopdogg.”

Campbell took part in the game if it were played. It is It was a fun game. I also posted the image, noting that “I got the chance to tattoo another legend.” Thanks, @marthastewart48 and @snoopdogg. “I can now retire.”

Upon reaching out to the brand’s reps to confirm whether or not the tat is permanent, PEOPLE was told, “Thanks to Skechers Hands-Free Slip-ins® footwear, Martha Stewart can engage in her lesser-known hobbies including scoring a perfect 10 in competitive gymnastics to permanent body art of her comrade Snoop Dogg.”

Skechers shoes were also worn by Snoop for the Super Bowl commercial. It will air on Sunday. Snoop is seen with Tony Romo (brand ambassador), and Howie Lang, (brand ambassador). Stewart is also featured.

Stewart is seen at the end lying on his stomach in the Oval Office with his feet on the desk.

His friend is initially curious about how the whole thing works and asks him. He then switches to Martha mode and commands him to get off of the furniture.

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