Military tattoo exhibition comes to Newcastle

Ink on the LinesThe newest exhibition is now open at Newcastle MuseumThrough tattoos, he tells the story of Australia’s military through its history.

Curated by the Australian War MemorialThe powerful photographic display allows visitors to come up close and personal and see 76 photographs that tell a story about service and sacrifice.

The exhibition also features audio interviews with participants explaining why they choose to ink their service or those of their loved ones.

“Behind every tattoo is a story. Ink in the Lines does what no other exhibition in Australia has done – it shares stories of Australia’s military veterans through their tattoos,” Australian War Memorial senior curator Stephanie Boyle said.

“Personal stories are the cornerstone of the exhibition. Each veteran who took part in the commission shared their stories and motivations for getting inked. While some stories may be painful or inspiring, they are all deeply personal.

“Through powerful images and stories, the exhibition provides an engaging and interactive platform for the examination and understanding of contemporary tattooing in today’s Defence Forces.”

Given our strong military heritage, the exhibition is placed within the larger context of tattooing history in Australian military forces.

Newcastle Museum director Julie Baird with Councillor Carol Duncan
Julie Baird (Director of Newcastle Museum) with Carol Duncan (Councillor).

“Ink in the Lines demonstrates the Museum’s commitment to providing quality exhibitions that appeal to a wide range of audiences and provide insight into a diverse range of subjects that help us understand our history and identity,” City of Newcastle Director of Museum, Archive, Libraries, and Learning, Julie Baird said.

“Tattoo art is an incredibly popular form of self-expression and creativity, which often has deeply personal and meaningful motivation. We’re honored to be able to explore the stories behind these tattoos in this incredible exhibition, which is sure to attract visitors interested in the tattoos themselves as well as those with a more personal connection to the armed forces.”

Ink in the Lines displays until Sunday, June 4, 2023. On Tuesday, Sunday, and during school holidays, the Newcastle Museum is available from 10 am to 5 pm. For more information, visit the Newcastle Museum website.

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