Spontaneous Street Ink: Rain-Soaked Man Gets Tattooed on a Whim


Tattoos often involve meticulous planning, contemplation, and a significant pain threshold. Most individuals carefully select designs and ponder placement, deciding to get inked a thoughtful process. However, a recent video circulating the internet has turned heads as it captures an unusual scene – a man, stuck in the rain, casually receiving a tattoo on a deserted pavement. This unexpected moment has sparked a mix of reactions, leaving viewers intrigued and questioning the spontaneity of the situation.

The undated video, shared on Instagram by UNILAD, unfolds with a man standing on one leg beneath an umbrella. A street-side tattoo artist diligently works on the man’s other leg on the rain-soaked pavement. To navigate the dimly lit and empty street, the man employs his phone’s flashlight, adding an extra layer of peculiarity to the scene.


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The video’s caption, “What tattoo do you think he’s getting?” adds an element of mystery, leaving viewers to speculate about the impromptu ink session. However, crucial details such as the location, date, and context remain undisclosed, adding to this peculiar incident’s enigma.

Responses to the video vary, with some offering light-hearted interpretations of the possible tattoo meaning. One viewer suggested, “I think it’s a quote: between all the things I lost, I miss my mind the most.” Another injected humour with, “Emergency tattoo… sounds normal to me.”

Despite the amusement, concerns about hygiene and safety quickly surfaced. Getting a tattoo in uncontrolled environments raises valid worries about potential infections. Commenters stressed the importance of tattoo artists changing needles to prevent blood-transmitted diseases. One Instagram user expressed concern, stating, “More worried about what disease he’s getting.” Another took a jab, noting, “You know that needle hasn’t been changed since it was found in a dumpster a few months ago.”

This incident joins a series of tattoo-related posts that have captured public attention. In August 2021, as COVID-19 vaccinations became widely available, an Italian man named Andrea Colonnetta gained viral fame for an unconventional tattoo choice. Located on the underside of his arm, Colonnetta’s tattoo featured the barcode from his COVID-19 vaccination certificate. The tattoo, fully scannable, would open to the digital copy of his vaccination documentation.

Gabriele Pellerone, the tattoo artist behind this unique creation, shared images on Instagram, describing it as “An ironic way to remember a period of total confusion, a moment that will remain indelible forever, both for me and him.”

While the rain-soaked street tattoo may lack the intentional symbolism of Colonnetta’s COVID-19 barcode, both instances highlight the diverse and unexpected ways people choose to commemorate moments in their lives. As the video continues to circulate, it serves as a quirky reminder that spontaneity can sometimes steal the spotlight in the world of tattoos.

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