T King: Ohio State’s Ink Virtuoso Crafting Athletes’ Stories



Nestled on Morse Rd in Columbus, Tattoo Kings & Cuts is more than just a tattoo parlour; it’s the artistic realm of T King, an exceptional tattoo artist who has woven his craft into the fabric of Ohio State University’s athletic community. With a knack for transforming skin into storytelling canvases, King has become the go-to ink maestro for Ohio State’s student-athletes.

King’s Impact on Ohio State Athletes

His deep connection with Ohio State athletes is at the heart of King’s burgeoning reputation. One notable example is Cade Stover, the university’s football tight end, who proudly wears King’s signature ink—a mighty black Angus bull. Beyond being a mere tattoo, Stover’s ink is a homage to a cherished childhood memory, illustrating the personal touch that defines King’s artistry.

Word of King’s talent has spread like wildfire among the athletes, with Stover passing on King’s contact to approximately 100 individuals. King’s clientele isn’t confined to football; he has inked notable figures across various sports disciplines. Among them are Cotie McMahon, a sophomore forward in women’s basketball, and Devin Royal, a freshman from the men’s basketball team. The unifying factor among these athletes is a profound trust in King’s artistic vision and an appreciation for the values he weaves into his work—family, faith, and trust.

The Unplanned Journey into Artistry

King’s venture into the tattoo industry was not a calculated career choice. Armed with a business major from Glenville State University, West Virginia, he was far removed from the world of art. However, fate intervened when King tattooed a friend who admired his graphite artwork. This fortunate experience ignited a passion that led him down an unexpected path.

His mother, a skilled artist specializing in oil portraits, significantly influenced King’s artistic journey. Although he initially did not foresee an art career, life had other plans. Today, King’s detailed and vibrant tattoo designs vividly reflect his mother’s artistic legacy.

Beyond Skin-Deep: King’s Artistic Philosophy

For King, tattooing transcends the realm of art; it becomes a narrative of stories, emotions, and, most importantly, trust. Each tattoo holds profound emotional and personal significance, marking the client’s skin and becoming a living testament to their life’s journey. King’s artistry explores depth, where ink transforms into a symbol of life, memory, and personal significance.

In the bustling tapestry of Ohio State’s athletic community, T King’s Tattoo Kings & Cuts has emerged as more than a studio—it’s a sanctuary where ink meets identity, and stories etch themselves into the legacy of each athlete.

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