Woman Says She Gets Mum-Shamed Because Of Her Face Tattoos

The Sun reported Claire Elsie Rose is often asked about her facial markings. The mum shame, as the Sun reports, is real.

Rose explained that many parents believe that she is a notorious criminal. However, this is not the case.

“I also got questions like, ‘Why would you do it?’ “You used to be such a pretty girl!” She told the outlet that people have implied I’ve somehow damaged my looks.


She said people avoid eye contact with her and have even crossed the road because of her unconventional appearance.

She said: “I am a good mother, I run a successful company, and I am in a stable relationship. There’s nothing crazy about my life. I love nothing better than spending a night at home in my pajamas!”

Since she was a teenager, the mum of four has had a passion for body and facial art. She received her first tattoo when she was 15.

She would cover up her indiscretions at work, but only after she had found a job.

The mum, diagnosed with a lung tumor at 25, decided to pursue her passion for tattoos.


Rose’s first face tattoo was a life-changing event, she said.

The mother felt ‘liberated,’ she said. She could now be herself.

Rose regrets nothing, even though some parents have snickered at her on her way to and from school.

“I was concerned about being judged. But I realized life was too short to keep quiet,” she said.

According to the University of Portsmouth’s 2018 survey, SBS News reported that women felt judged more than men because of their tattoos.

A university spokesperson said: “A sad fact found in the survey is that 15.64 percent of women felt judged based on their tattoos, compared with just 9.54 percent of men.”

Other people feel that showing their tattoos could negatively affect their career prospects.

Researchers Dr. Stephen Crabbe stated that many people assumed those with tattoos were ‘young or naive’ or victims of their poor judgment.

He added: “Even though we live in a society where equality is a priority for all, tattoos are still a topic of prejudice.

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