Brush Tattoo Artist: A Passionate Journey to a Lifelong Career

Jessica Sanchez, the owner of Timeless Tattoos Brush in Brush, finished the day Wednesday morning by cleaning and removing the last garbage bag. It was a typical day as she did her other duties as a tattoo trainee. She treated them with poise, knowing that, in the end, this was just a small cost to pay to achieve her bigger dreams.

The 19-year-old hopes to open her tattoo shop, Lovie’s Tattoo Shop. This is the nickname that her aunt gave her.

She didn’t grow up wanting to create permanent art on her body. She didn’t aspire to it. She started her career not even a full year ago. But she learned quickly that tattooing is not a profession to be taken lightly. Immerse yourself.

Sanchez explained that tattooing is a way of life. “You can’t think, ‘ OK, yeah, I’m just going to be tattooing for a couple of days and see how that goes.’ No, it’s not easy. It’s not just a hobby. “You have to invest a lot of your time into it.”

Sanchez has been working as an apprentice for the shop for six months. However, it took more self-confidence than getting her first tattoo before she walked into the shop to inquire about employment. Her mother suggested the shop after she had taken her portfolio to several local shops and failed to find a job.

Nicole Rodriguez got her tattoo in the shop last autumn. Quinn Parrish was her tattoo artist. She told him that her daughter was a talented artist. Parrish instructed her to get Sanchez to show off her artwork.

Sanchez remembered, “I was so grateful to my mother when I heard the news.”

It was a crucial moment for Sanchez, who said that although she did not want to drive to Brighton or Front Range to shop at the shops there, she would if an opportunity had not arisen.

Rodriguez: “Jessica had always said that she would become a tattooist when high school ended,” Rodriguez said. “She’s doing what she promised; she is an apprentice making her dream a reality.”

Sanchez said that she had traced and drawn in her earlier years. But it was not until high school that her creativity began to take off. As a sophomore, she said Fort Morgan High School art teacher Carol Boodakian expanded her view on art — and even got her into pottery.

Sanchez confessed, “I had no idea I could even sculpt.”

Some of the tattoos done by Jessica Sanchez. The 19-year...

Sanchez admitted that she didn’t like going to school. She may or may not have skipped many classes by the time she reached her senior year, and teachers labeled her a troublemaker. Although she did not know what she would do after graduating high school, she was sure that going to college was not the right choice. Even though she toured the University of Colorado and studied art programs at Morgan Community College, she still knew college was not for her.

Allie Holdcroft was her best friend and inspired her to tattoo as a way of life. The topic of tattoos was brought up at 2 am one morning. Holdcroft then suggested to Sanchez that he become a tattooist. Sanchez bought a $200 tattoo machine from Amazon.

Sanchez said, “It’s all off-brand.” “I thought I had everything sorted.”

In a very short period, she has come a long way since that moment at 2 am.

Guy Dove, owner of Timeless Tattoos, said: “She speaks now.” She used to be very quiet. It’s grim, but I think she’s done very well.

Sanchez remembered being nervous when she first entered the shop holding her portfolio.

She admitted that she was initially scared. “When I first came in, they thought I wanted a tattoo.”

Sanchez said that Dove, Parrish, and other artists created a warm and welcoming environment that allowed her to feel comfortable and grow.

As part of her two-year apprenticeship at the shop, Sanchez has already accumulated many clients. Dove explained that their lifestyle involves constant creativity at all times. Sanchez watched Jon Nelson’s YouTube Channel and podcast to gain as much information as possible about the lifestyle. She wants to launch her podcast and continue growing her social platforms.

She credits Dove & Parrish as teaching her how to work with clients and what needle lengths are best for different projects.

She said that even though she never wanted to attend college, her family and parents never supported her. When the future Lovie is flourishing, Sanchez will be able to reflect on where it all began.

She knows that sometimes, life takes its sweet time to show us what we are meant to do. She knows it’s worth the effort, whether she spends countless hours at Timeless Tattoo or buys a $200 kit.

“As a supportive mother during Jessica’s journey and decisions about her career and future, I’ve always told her, ‘Work hard, accomplish your goals,'” Rodriguez said. “Achieve your goals and make them a reality. Everything else will fall into its place and take its course with hard work and dedication. Live your dreams. “Do what makes you happy.”

Call 970-842-7186 to book an appointment with Timeless Tattoos. Follow Sanchez on Instagram at Jessica__tattoos, or like the shop’s page on Facebook.

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