Getting inked is becoming more acceptable

You can find body art in many different forms. cultures Around the globe. Different tattoo designs and meanings have been used by different societies for thousands of years. 

The tattoos of the ancient Egyptians, which were meant to be a high-resolution representation of their culture, are still popular. statusThey were used by the ancient Greeks as a sign of respect. shame Convicts. Even in today’s American society, the meaning of tattoos is ever-changing. They are slowly becoming more popular and appreciated, despite the stigma they carry.

The publication of a survey Statista Research Department In 2019, there are In the United States alone, 44% of the total population is able to speak English. At least one tattoo.

Scott Rogers is a professional tattoo artist. Inksomnia Tattoo and Body Piercing, has observed the cultural shift over the last few decades. 

“The industry grows every day,” he said. “The outlook on tattoos has moved into an artistic one, and away from one of judgment. People are beginning to understand that getting tattooed is an artistic expression of yourself.” 

In the last decade, tattoos have become more popular in America. As body art becomes more accepted into society, those who have “professional” and “elite” careers are beginning to feel comfortable showing off their ink. 

Goldie Notnice is a professional tattoo artist City of Ink TattoosThe change in acceptance of women artists and how they are accepted by the industry. She also spoke about how professionals of all levels come to her shop for a tattoo.

“I absolutely have seen a change in the stigma around tattooing,” she said. “Not just with the body art itself, but even with being a female in the industry. We are being more accepted, and you’ll see more of us working alongside the guys in shops. Regarding society, I believe we are moving in the right direction. Before doctors, nurses, and lawyers had to adhere to a particular image. Now, so many of them have visible tattoos.”

Tattoos can be found in every culture, including shops and media. Shows like “The Hit Television Show” are a few examples. Ink Master Companies like InkBoxSemi-permanent tattoo sales company specializes in a great deal of success.

According to Cameron Gowan, a junior with a full sleeve on his right arm, because tattoos are more normalized in today’s society, he feels confident entering the workforce despite his many tattoos. 

“I can say full-heartedly that I feel more comfortable and more accepted [in] society with my tattoos today than how I felt about them when I first got them,” student Cameron Gowan, a junior with a full sleeve on his right arm, said. “When I got my first tattoo, jobs wouldn’t hire you if you had any sort of body art. Over the past three to five years, I have found that jobs have been a lot more accepting of them.” 

While tattoos still have a stigma attached to them, people are changing the way they view body art. Many people are beginning to realize that tattoos can be an extension of their inner selves.

“It’s a further expression of my artistic views,” Notnice said. “Instead of people viewing it as me ‘staining my temple,’ they are beginning to view it how I feel about them, which is that I’m simply enhancing my beauty.”

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