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delphin muquet tattoo artist, heavily inked

It was the first time I met someone. Delphin MusquetHe was lying on a table, in pain, as Giorgio de Duesanti inked him at a Californian festival in 2019.

Duesanti and he both make up the resident team. Sang BleuStudio based in Los Angeles, Zurich and London. Musquet established in the London shop already for the last few years, having started tattooing in 2017—a self-taught artist who prioritizes his drawing skills to better his tattoo work. Summary: Delphin Musquet His interest in iconography from past centuries is well-known. Modern tattoo machines are used to ink sacred hearts, skulls, or swallows.

Above: A photo of Delphin Musquet Lukey Pamment.

back tattoos, prison style on delphin musquet (dealwithdolphin) tattoo artist

Lukey Pamment captured another photo of Musquet as a tattooist.

Heavy tattoos are a sign of your tattooing. When did you get your first tattoo?

When I was 17, I began to get tattooed. I’ve Since I was a child, I’ve wanted tattoos since childhood. My mother insisted that I wait until I was 18, so I waited and did it at a friend’s house two weeks before I turned 18. I wouldn’t be me without my tattoos. It’s been there for me all my life.

fine-line rose tattoo on neck, black ink

The artist’s portfolio is full of the classic rose.

Did you convince your mother that she should get inked?

Three years ago, my mother made me tattoo her. It was too stressful for me to think of her hurting and making a mistake. However, we did it and she is now looking for another one.

You were born in France and raised your family in the Caribbean Islands. Was it like being a child?

My parents were always very active with me. I could not stay in one spot. My parents took me on many hikes and sports with them. It was ideal because I grew up in the countrysides. (Laugh).

swallow fine-line tattoos on back, sang bleu london, skull tattoo

This elegant back piece is a combination of dotwork and line.

Why did you decide to start a tattoo business?

It is my passion. I was heavily tattooed before I began tattooing. I was just looking to have fun with my friends and myself by tattooing.

Why and when did you move to London?

It was eleven years ago that I moved to London. Because I was young, I needed to travel to grow old. Traveling is food for the brain, which I have always believed. It is important to look around in order to find yourself (i.e. for self-discovery).

London is the only place I’d choose to live in Europe. It is amazing to see all the possibilities this city has. This city is much more than just a place to live. It is also incredibly diverse and has so much culture.

Watch Musquet add swallows to his client’s back.

The reputable company employs you. Sang Bleu Tattoo London. Who invited you to the studio, and why?

I was a model for Sang Bleu, for one or two shoots. I’m not certain if Maxime is the same. [Plescia-Büchi] He found me via Instagram or through my job and then offered to let me guest in one of his shops. It was actually only a week later that I started to guest in the shops. Sang Bleu of Zurich I was invited by the shop manager there. So I happily went to London a month later.

butterfly and snake, fine-line tattoos on torso by delphin musquet, sang bleu london

The artist’s strongest point is the ability to place things correctly.

What are your methods of creating artwork? a) You can either use memory and draw or b) you can use photo references.

While I draw many tattoos, most of my work is done by me from memory. I also have many references. I like to mix them both so that my work has some meaning.

I love finding references to antique imagery. It could be photos or old books.

skeleton tattoo on arm by delph musquet, dealwithdolphin, blackwork

This tattoo shows the fragility and love of life.

I can see tattoos in prison inspired by some of your work. They are more defined and have a European blend. Are you right?

I have no strong influences on anything. For a time, I was inspired by French prison tattoos. [identified] I found myself in them a lot. Many people start tattooing to discover their tattoo identity. My tattoo identity was French prison tattoos. My passion has been timeless art. It could be architecture or paintings, tools, and even an antique-like lookalike. Antiques are timeless and do not change with the times. This is what has always intrigued me. With my art, I try to recreate the same feeling; I strive to make something timeless. This art will never go out of style and it isn’t tied to any specific time or date.

religious saint tattoo on arm, angels, by delphin musquet

Musquet customers often request images of religious nature.

Do you collect antiques?

I used to collect a lot, but then I stopped. I used to collect knives and coins. Also, I collected anything religious, including crosses, miniature wooden Jesus Christ or Marie. I remember going to church every day as a child, and always bringing something with me.

Did you worry about being arrested by a cop?

It was innocent and not at all. I was a little collector who loved collecting.

sacred heart tattoo on hand by delph musquet

Inked in fine-line details on the sacred heart.

There have been many religious symbols tattoos. It was suggested by the client. Or did you find inspiration from your church days.

Both religious tattoos have a recurring theme. They are both a recurring theme.

woman and devil tattoo on legs by delphin muquet

Musquet’s tattoos are common in black ink with white highlights.

You are not only a tattooist but also a photographer. Please tell me about how you got here and which session was your favorite.

London, London. You will find everything you need in this city, whether you expect it or not. You’ll meet someone who finds you attractive and offers you a job as a model. From there, you will get two more jobs that will lead to more. It’s easy money and makes you feel good about yourself. This is especially true if you don’t have self-confidence. It taught me how to feel comfortable in front cameras.

Dr. Martens is the most notable in terms of exposure and budget. The setup was huge as more than ten models were simultaneously shot and then separately. It lasted for two days. My face was seen everywhere from Tokyo billboards to London tube stations, unexpectedly. It was quite strange to wait for a double-deckerbus, and then when it arrives, you are amazed at how surprised people were. [face is] It’s three times your actual size! It is hard to conceal it!

delphin musquet wearing sans patrie apparel, inspired by french prison tattoos

Take a look at the latest San Patrie Fashion collection

And now you can have your own line of apparel.

It is. Sans Patrie It is based on the French Prison Tattoo culture and was started by convicts. This is how the art came to be. [on the clothing items] It is raw and poetic. Therefore weâ’re trying to reproduce these feelings in the garments. The brand draws inspiration directly from the 1950s with some looks inspired by convicts and French workers.

Photos © Lukey Pamment

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