Rapper, Tattoo Artist & Self-Love Advocate

Phor is an artist with something to say, whether he’s creating music, tattooing, working out, or  using his platform to promote positivity and self-love. Growing up on the South Side, Chicago means that the struggle is winning over the challenges of the area and making something of yourself.

You may have seen Phor on VH1’sreality television show Black Ink Chicago This speaks volumes about his passion and love for the city. While he fell into tattooing by accident nearly a decade ago, the “Cardio” rapper is a walking testament that you don’t have to be boxed into one career, but rather a multidimensional creative in its truest form.

Phor’s biggest hit to date includes 2017’s “Chi-Town,” which he describes as an anthem for his city similar to “Welcome To Atlanta” by Jermain Dupri. Later, it received a notable remix from Chicago legends BumpJ and Twista.

Most recently, Phor released his new single “Comfy” inspired directly by quarantine and the mandated lockdown due to COVID-19. Fans can enjoy the record until his next project, titled Self-Love — raising awareness for mental health while speaking volumes to the current state of the world.

Flaunt caught up with Phor via Instagram Live to discuss the importance of mental health, how he fell into tattooing, biggest musical influences, new single “Comfy,” his fitness routine, and more!

For those who don’t know, who is Phor?

Expect the unexpected. A person with a good heart is the most important. I consider myself an inspiration. Motivator. I enjoy giving people that kind of energy. You can think of someone positive, someone who wants you to win.

Hailing from Chicago’s South Side, what was the household like growing up?

I was raised alongside all women so I have a lot respect for them. I’ve always been a giving person. Because my father was not in my life, I had to take charge of the household. I had no choice but to step up and ensure that they were right. I was a young boy who had to take care of the responsibility of a grown-up man.

At 14 years of age, you started playing music. What was Phor like in those days?

My neighborhood friends were outside, so I was definitely out there. My homeboy was a master at freestyling on any surface. That was what inspired me. That I brought home. I would write down my thoughts, try to concentrate on rhythm, flow and making sense out of what I was saying using metaphors and punchlines. He was a producer and I began working closely with him on the music. UNDAHOOD was my group at that time. I took it the first year of highschool. It has been quite an adventure.

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