Paws and Ink Dog Lovers Unite for a Tattoo Charity Event


The bond between humans and their canine companions is often celebrated in unique ways, and a growing trend among dog lovers involves immortalizing their pets through tattoos. Some enthusiasts go further, incorporating cremation ashes into the ink for an extraordinary keepsake. In Northern Ireland, a charity is capitalizing on this trend by organizing a tattoo event in June, aiming to raise funds for rescues and rehoming efforts.

The Growing Trend of Pet Tattoos: In recent years, there has been a noticeable surge in pet owners opting for tattoos as a lasting tribute to their beloved dogs. This trend reflects people’s deep connection with their pets and the desire to carry a tangible reminder of their furry friends wherever they go. Some individuals take it to the next level by infusing the ink with cremation ashes, creating a unique and deeply personal piece of art.

Charity Tattoo Event Details: Scheduled for June 11 at Craig Riddle’s studio in Derry, Northern Ireland, the charity tattoo event aims to support the organization Friends of Rescue. The participating tattoo artists include Craig Riddle himself, along with Conor Flanagan, Daithi OM Tattoos, Abi Stewart Tattoo, Mark Logan from Apache Tattoo & Art Studio, and Taylor McKinney – Artist/Tattoo Apprentice.

Fundraising for a Cause: Craig Riddle expresses the event’s purpose, stating that the goal is to generate funds to assist Friends of Rescue in meeting the escalating demands of rescues and rehoming. The charity faces the ongoing challenge of substantial vet bills, and the tattoo event offers a creative and engaging way for dog lovers to contribute to this noble cause.

The 12 tattoos available on the day
The 12 tattoos available on the day(Image: Craig Riddles Tattoo Studio )

Booking Details for Tattoo Enthusiasts: To ensure an organized and efficient event, the tattoo sessions are available by email appointment only. Interested individuals can book their slots by contacting [email protected]. The process involves specifying the preferred tattoo design from the available options (numbered 1 to 12), submitting a non-refundable £20 deposit through PayPal, and providing names and contact numbers for those booking on behalf of multiple individuals.

Important Event Guidelines:

  • The event will accommodate small tattoos only, with fixed-size outline options.
  • The total cost for each tattoo is £40, including the £20 deposit.
  • No design modifications or changes will be allowed to accommodate as many participants as possible.
  • Participants must be 18, and tattoos will not be done on the neck, face, or hands.

Conclusion: The Paws and Ink charity event promises a unique blend of artistic expression, love for dogs, and community support. By combining their passion for tattoos with their devotion to our furry companions, participants acquire a lasting memento and contribute to the welfare of rescue dogs in need.

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