Singer Atilia Haron Faces Criticism Over Back Tattoo

It’s no surprise that netizens will always have something to say whenever a celebrity says or does something that does not align with their beliefs, especially when it comes to attire or religion-related issues.

Tattoos are not considered acceptable. For example, Baby Shima received criticism for wearing a large fake on her body. The haram In Islam. Recently, another local artist was attacked for having body art on her body.

atilia tattoo1.jpg

Atilia Haron, a Malaysian singer, and actress, performed at a charity show in Babangnyaya Cafe recently to raise money for single mothers who live in poverty. A friend of the singer posted a (now deleted) behind-the-scenes video on TikTok that showed her being good during rehearsals at the event’s venue. However, netizens noticed something obvious on the 48-year-old’s back.

The “Harus Bagaimana” songstress has a tattoo on her body. Many of her fans, and even netizens, were concerned by this discovery and began to criticize her for doing something that was against Islam. Some commented that they did not agree with the “KIL” star for even having a tattoo at her age. However, it is currently unknown when she got the body art or if it’s real.

atilia tattoo5.jpg

The video was taken off TikTok following a lot of backlashes. At the time that this article was published, neither Atilia nor any of her representatives had issued an official response to the backlash. Let us know your thoughts by watching the video below.


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