Tattoo Studio Raises Funds for Mental Health Awareness


James Bradbury, the owner of Inkspot Tattoo Studio, has announced that the studio is fully booked for the upcoming event on November 19, where every client will get inked and make a significant impact.

The funds generated from the tattoo appointments on that day and a dedicated JustGiving page will be directed towards Mind in Furness, a local mental health charity.

Mr. Bradbury highlighted the gravity of the situation, stating, “The leading cause of death among men under 50 is still suicide, and any help I can give on this day, even if it’s just a hundred quid, I feel it’s worthwhile.”

Suicide remains a prominent cause of death for men aged 20 to 49, making fundraisers like this crucial in both raising awareness about the issue and providing financial support.

A spokesperson for Mind in Furness stated, “Our vision is to proactively improve, prevent, and maintain health and wellbeing in our local area of Barrow In Furness, Millom, and surrounding areas. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people suffering from, or with the potential to suffer from mental distress.”

Sophie Lane, another employee at the studio, has also pledged to donate half of her earnings from piercings throughout the day to support this cause.

Mind in Furness is actively campaigning and collaborates with various statutory and non-statutory organizations to enhance mental wellbeing awareness.

The charity provides diverse services promoting social inclusion, recovery, and re-engagement with the community. Specifically in Furness, men’s groups are conducted in Barrow and Ulverston, and the funds raised by Mr. Bradbury’s initiative will contribute to supporting these groups.

Apart from the earnings donated by the studio, contributions are also flowing in through the dedicated JustGiving page, accessible here.

Those seeking more information or support from Mind in Furness can contact the charity at 01229 827094.

Join the tattoo studio in their mission to ink for a cause, raising funds and awareness for mental health support in the local community. It’s more than just tattoos; it’s about positively impacting lives and promoting mental wellbeing.

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