WWE Legend Dave Bautista’s Tattoos and Their Meaning

Dave Bautista is already a professional wrestler who has moved to act in Hollywood. Batista already has several impressive acting credits. These include appearances in James Bond movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Blade Runner 2049.

Batista was an actor before becoming a World Champion in WWE. Batista was first signed to a developmental contract in 2000. He wrestled for ten more years until he retired in 2010. Batista would briefly make a comeback in 2014 and again in 2018-2019. Batista announced his retirement from professional wrestling following his match against Triple H in Wrestlemania 35. Batista didn’t have clean skin when he started to wrestle, but his collection of tattoos now covers a large part of his body. Batista has had multiple tattoos added during his career.

Honorable Mention: Batista had briefly a tattoo that was dedicated to Manny Pacquiao, a Champion boxer from the Philippines. Batista said that Pacquiao had made homophobic remarks and covered Pacquiao’s logo tattoo.

10 Angel in Kanji
Batista sit down

The word “Angel” is written in the Japanese Kanji alphabet and runs up Batista’s left side bicep. This tattoo is one of Batista’s oldest and was made in tribute to Angie, his second wife. Batista was married three times. His first marriage was to Glenda and his last marriage was to Sarah-Jade. Batista and Angie were together from 1998 to their divorce in 2006. Batista referred to Angie in 2007 as the “love of my life” even after the divorce. Batista Unleashed.

Batista, to Recognize cheating Angie says that their relationship was broken by financial hardship and constant travel.

9 Filipino Sun Tattoo

Batista Royal Rumble 2014 WWEBatista is also covered with a Filipino sun tattoo. The sun symbol symbolizes Filipino independence from Spain in the latter 19th century. The sun’s eight rays represent the eight areas that rebelled against Spanish rule. Batista, though Filipino, is the son of David Michael Bautista Sr. Batista’s grandparents emigrated from the Philippines to the United States. Batista feels proud to represent the country.

Batista, who is a WWE wrestler, was able to travel to the Philippines to perform during his professional wrestling career. He has also spoken out about his Pinoy heritage. during interviews His movie roles. One of his three tattoos is dedicated to his Filipino heritage.

8 Love is louder

Batista Wins 2014 Royal Rumble 2019: Batista got the words “Love is Louder” tattooed on the upper-right side of his chest. This tattoo is about the Jed Foundation campaign, which aims to prevent suicide and self-harm in teenagers and young adults in America.

Brittany Snow co-founded the Love is a Louder campaign, which aimed to address bullying in schools. Batista was reportedly afflicted by mental health issues as a child and stated that bodybuilding helped him. He saved his life.

7 202

image 1
WWE Legend Dave Bautista's Tattoos and Their Meaning 27

Batista’s tattoos got more complex over time and many of his past tattoos were covered up by newer ones. Batista’s first professional wrestling career was marked by a small sun tattoo that circled his belly button. Batista now has a larger tattoo covering his abs. This tattoo features several images, including Medusa, two ravens, and the number “202”.

It isn’t clear what the significance is of Medusa, Skulls, and Ravens. However, it appears that the number has some significance for the Animal. The Washington D.C. area number 202 is the location where Batista was killed. He grew up. Batista’s connection to the city has been an ongoing theme throughout his career.

6 Flags from Greece and the Philippines

Deacon Batista

Batista is proud of his heritage, as I have said before. Batista is the son of Filipino immigrants. His mother is from Brazil. Greek descent.

Batista was able to visit the Philippines earlier in his life and learn more about his family’s history. admitted To doing the same with his Greek heritage, and he hopes to one day. Batista has a tattoo that displays the Filipino and Greek flags side by side on his left arm as a tribute to his unique heritage.

5 Sarah Jade Portrait

Batista, Sarah-Jade wife

Batista was married to Sarah Jade in 2015 for the third and final time. Batista posted a confirmation of the nuptials. photo from their wedding On his Twitter account. Batista got Sarah Jade’s name tattooed on his left hand and a portrait of her face to cover Manny Pacquiao’s logo tattoo. His left forearm is covered by the portrait, and his face is covered with Dias de los Muertos makeup.

Unfortunately in 2019, the couple separated, with Batista’s hectic work schedule proving to be the most significant factor.

4 Washington DC is Not a State. It’s the State Of Mind

Dave Bautista movieBatista, as we have already mentioned, has strong ties to Washington DC. Batista returned to WWE in 2018 on the 1,000th episode of SmackDown. This took place in Washington DC where Batista is well-known. Batista laid the groundwork for his feuding with Triple H during the episode. This culminated in a No Holds Barred Match at Wrestlemania 35.

Batista has many tattoos that are dedicated to his hometown. One of them is a tattoo on his right forearm that says “Washington DC Is Not a State, It’s a State of Mind”. This refers to Washington DC not being a state and therefore is considered a United States district. This means that Washington DC does not have a representative in the Senate and its laws are passed through Congress, rather than via a state house. Batista has a special tattoo that is dedicated to Washington DC. It features the words DC Soldier on the inside of his right bicep.

3 Marilyn Monroe Portrait

Dave 'Batista' Bautista DC Society Ink tattoo studioBatista’s left arm is covered by a Marilyn Monroe tattoo. Batista, who got the tattoo in 2012, admitted that he was a big fan of Monroe’s work online and called himself a “groupie”.

Monroe, who had been overdosing with barbituates seven years before Batista’s 1969 birth, died in 1962. The two-time Royal Rumble winner was a big fan, even though their lives didn’t overlap.

2 Spectre Tattoo

Batista drivingBatista was the villainous henchman of Mr. Hinx in the James Bond movie Spectre in 2015. Batista is the top assassin of Spectre (a secret organization run by James Bond’s greatest villain Blofeld). The name of the organization stands for Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion. This was Sam Mendes’ second Bond film, and it starred Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Batista had the logo for Spectre and the logos for the Wu-tang Clan tattooed on his middle finger. Batista also had a logo to represent Superman, Sith Empire, and the Avengers on his left hand. Batista was reportedly Suicide Squad was cast, but they backed out. Film Instead, choose Army of the Dead

1 Dog Tattoos

Former WWE Superstar Dave Bautista (Batista) adopted an abused puppy named Penny and offered a $5,000 reward for information on her abuserAccording to Batista is currently undecorated with his favorite tattoo. Batista is proud to have a tattoo on his right thigh. Three former dogsTwo of his dogs died and one life with his ex-wife. Batista said that he would like to include his current dogs in the tattoo. He had enough space to add them but has yet to do so. Batista is the proud owner of five dogs: Ollie, Maggie Ollie, Penny, Penny, and Frankie all pit bulls. He also owns a Catahoula named Janie.

Penny, Batista’s most recent adopted, was saved from abuse by her former owner. Batista shared her rescue story on social media. Rewarding employees with a gift Anybody who can help him locate the person responsible.

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