Kapatik World Tattoo Expo 2024: Global Ink Extravaganza in Cebu


Cebu, Philippines, is gearing up for an extraordinary start to 2024 as the Kapatik World Tattoo Expo takes centre stage at the IEC Convention Center on January 13-14. This two-day spectacle promises to be a global celebration of ink, drawing talented artists from around the world to showcase their creativity on the vibrant canvas of body art.

Since its inception in 1998, Kapatik has been an evolving force in the tattoo world, narrating compelling stories on the human body. The visionary behind this international extravaganza is Ronnie Macapagal, a stalwart in Cebu’s tattoo scene with over 30 years of expertise. As the Executive Producer and President of the Cebu Tattoo Club, Ronnie has envisioned this international gathering as a lifelong dream.

Kapatik World Tattoo Expo media launch.

The collaboration for this event extends to Mike Riff Vestil, founder of SGOONS, a leading tattoo supplier shop in Cebu that provides top-notch equipment to tattoo artists. Co-presented by Tanduay, the Kapatik World Tattoo Expo 2024 promises a showcase of ink and an immersive experience in art, music, dance, and self-expression.

At the recent media launch at Napolitani Pizzeria Cebu, Kapatik unveiled exciting details about the upcoming expo. A total of 162 artists, a fusion of international and local talents, will converge to create the largest display of tattoo artistry.

The lineup boasts 32 foreign artists representing countries such as France, Japan, Vietnam, Finland, Turkey, the USA, Taiwan, India, and Singapore. Complementing this global presence, 129 artists from various regions in the Philippines, including Cebu, Olongapo, Benguet, Leyte, Bulacan, Cavite, Manila, Davao, Zamboanga, and more, will contribute to the diverse tapestry of inked expressions.

Ronnie Macapagal expressed his vision for the Kapatik World Tattoo Expo 2024, stating, “At Kapatik World Tattoo Expo 2024, we are breaking the mould of traditional tattoo conventions to create a dynamic festival experience in all forms of art, music, dance, and self-expression.”

Kapatik World Tattoo Expo media launch.

The event will feature significant categories, including Best of Show Color, Best of Show Black & Gray, Tattoo of the Day 1, Tattoo of the Day 2, and Best Female Kapatik Artist. Additionally, minor categories like Realism, Medium Black and Gray, Medium Color, Micro-Realism Tattoo, Back Piece, Leg Piece, Arm/Sleeve, Handpoked/Handicapped, Oriental Tattoo, and Tribal Geometric will showcase the diverse techniques and styles within the tattoo community.

Kapatik’s Facebook page provides more details and ticket booking information for those eager to join this global ink celebration. The Kapatik World Tattoo Expo 2024 is not just an event; it’s a convergence of art, culture, and self-expression on a truly international stage.

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