Sajin of Hybrid Ink Shares Stories Behind Seoul’s Bold Tattoos


In the vibrant world of tattoo artistry, where ink tells tales, and every design carries profound meaning, Sajin stands out as a trailblazer. As the proud owner of Seoul’s Hybrid Ink, a private tattoo studio, he defies conventions, weaving intricate stories through his bold outlines and captivating black and red color schemes. In this edition of Lifestyle Asia’s Tattoo Talks, we explore the art and narrative behind Sajin’s creations, exploring the fascinating intersection of Eastern and Western influences.

Crafting a Unique Identity in Seoul

Sajin’s journey in the tattoo realm is as unique as his artwork. Based in South Korea, where only licensed medical practitioners can operate tattoo parlors, Sajin embraces the risk, challenging norms to pursue his passion. He has been pushing boundaries for over a decade, facing potential fines and imprisonment to breathe life into his distinctive tattoo style.

From Hong Kong to Seoul: A Wow Factor Unveiled

The spotlight shone on Sajin at the 7th Hong Kong China International Tattoo Convention, where his art garnered immediate admiration. Known for his bold outlines and a captivating black and red color palette, Sajin’s creations seamlessly blend the traditional with the contemporary, drawing inspiration from both Eastern and Western aesthetics.

Decoding the Eye Flower: A Symbol of Perspective

The eye flower stands out among his iconic designs, and Sajin sheds light on its significance. “The flower that I always draw represents other people’s perspectives,” he reveals. In a society often dominated by external judgments, Sajin’s art encourages self-empowerment. “We should not let that control who we are,” he emphasizes, urging individuals to rise above societal expectations and embrace their true selves.

Fusing Old and New: Sajin’s Artistic Fusion

Sajin’s portfolio showcases a captivating fusion of elements, featuring animals in states of fury, anime-style poster girls, and his signature flower motif. This amalgamation of old and new, eastern and western influences, creates a visual language that transcends cultural boundaries. His works are not merely tattoos; they are narratives etched onto the canvas of the human body.

The Tale of Inked Hands: A Permanent Tribute

As Sajin shares his favorite tattoo, he directs our gaze to his hands. Inked by a departed friend, these tattoos are an eternal tribute and a poignant reminder of a cherished connection. In tattoo artistry, where stories are etched as indelible marks, Sajin’s hands witness the enduring power of ink to encapsulate memories and emotions.

Behind the Scenes of Tattoo Talks with Sajin

The Tattoo Talks episode with Sajin, filmed by Ryan Putranto and Samson Jr C De Guzman, offers an intimate look into the artist’s world. Interviewed by Charmaine Ng and expertly translated by Sophia Choi and Jianne Soriano, the episode is a testament to the global language of tattoo art, where stories unfold, transcending linguistic and cultural barriers. Aaron Chow, the producer, orchestrates a visual journey that goes beyond the ink, capturing the essence of Sajin’s artistry.

In tattoo news, Sajin’s Hybrid Ink emerges as a beacon of creativity and defiance, inviting enthusiasts to explore the narratives etched onto the skin, one bold design at a time.

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