Seattle Tattoo Expo Immerse Yourself in Ink, Art, and Culture this Weekend


Prepare for a weekend of ink, art, and vibrant culture as the Seattle Tattoo Expo unfolds at the iconic Seattle Center. Drawing tattoo enthusiasts and artists from around the country, this three-day event promises a unique blend of creativity, live entertainment, and the opportunity to get inked on the spot.

Exploring the Diverse Tattoo Landscape: As the curtains rise on the Seattle Tattoo Expo this Friday, attendees can look forward to immersing themselves in a world of artistic expression. The event is a hub for hundreds of hand-selected local artists and talents from various corners of the country and the world. It’s not just an expo; it’s a family reunion gathering like-minded individuals who share a passion for tattooing.

The Inked Canvas: April Cornell, Owner and Tattooer at Hidden Hand and Altar Tattoo, expresses her excitement, highlighting the camaraderie among tattoo artists who see this event as a yearly reunion. The expo provides a canvas for these artists to showcase their skills, share experiences, and connect with a diverse audience. For those seeking impromptu ink, Cornell suggests walking up to an artist and getting a tattoo on the spot. However, for those with a specific artist in mind, early arrival, ticket purchase, and pre-booking are recommended.

A Tapestry of Art Beyond Tattoos: Beyond the ink, the Seattle Tattoo Expo is a tapestry of artistic experiences. Attendees can browse and purchase various art, enjoy people-watching, revel in live entertainment, including a burlesque show and live music, and indulge in shopping. Cornell emphasizes that the event offers a unique opportunity for individuals contemplating a tattoo. It allows them to explore the work of local tattooers and witness their artistry in a single venue.

Live Tattoos and Flash Designs: One of the expo’s highlights is the live tattooing sessions. Many artists pre-book appointments, allowing attendees to secure a coveted spot in advance. For those who prefer spontaneity, some artists offer walk-up sessions. Moreover, artists often prepare pre-drawn flash tattoos exclusively for the expo. These designs allow customers to choose on the spot and receive a unique piece of art, freshly inked on the same day.

Dates and Ticket Information: The Seattle Tattoo Expo kicks off on Friday and continues its vibrant celebration of ink culture through Sunday. Early ticket purchase is advised to secure your spot at this tattoo extravaganza. Tickets are available on the Seattle Tattoo Expo Website.

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