Glasgow Celtic’s Fan Rod Stewart Gets Club Tattoo

Fans are stunned that Sir Rod Stewart has just received some new ink. On Instagram, the 78-year-old singer of “I Don’t Want to Talk About It” shared a photo showing him getting a tattoo.

Stewart is smiling in front of the camera wearing a white T-shirt with a Celtic chain. This was to honor his favorite football team. In the honor of the club, he supports Stewart got “Glasgow Celtic” inscribed onto his skin.

“Getting a ‘Glasgow Celtic’ tattoo in Auckland to celebrate my beloved team ‘You’re in My Heart’ Celtic FC wallerray_tattoo,” the singer wrote in the caption.

Fans and friends were very interested in the photo.

“Imagine the pressure on this tattoo artist just knowing you’re inking up one of the best musicians to walk this earth? ???????,” wrote one fan, while another wrote, “Yes!” Celtic pride

“Awesome! I love your passion and the beautiful neck chain. Thanks so much for the fantastic show you put on at Napier. Another fan wrote: “Safe travels back home.”

The tattooist commented on the post, saying “Thank you so much for the incredible experience. It was an honor.”

The tattoo comes right as the singer wraps up his Australia/New Zealand tour.

Stewart is a Celtic fan for many years and passed his passion for the team on to his children.

Sir Roderick David Steward CBE is a British singer/songwriter and pop musician who has sold over 250,000,000 records worldwide.

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