Megan Fox posts bikini string photos after her pelvic tattoo cover-up.

Megan Fox recently uploaded her recent photoshoot to Instagram, and the internet reacted to her most recent nature outing, where she climbed a tree wearing a perfectly fitting string bikini.

Fox recently had a pelvic tattoo redone to cover up the one dedicated to her ex-husband Austin Green and expanded into a snake and flower composition.

Megan Fox reveals pelvic tattoo cover-up.

Megan Fox / Instagram @Meganfox

The photoshoot grabbed the attention of fiancé Machine Gun Kelly, who had not posted anything about them on social media since some infidelity rumours faded away.

The singer was quick to comment, ‘If this is what a wild animal looks like, I will let it maul me,’ on the Oséree string bikini photoshoot that Fox labelled ‘The forest is my oldest friend’ while the swim garment matched the green of the tree.

Last February, Fox gave the impression that the couple were going through a rough patch as she posted a Beyoncé lyric from the Pray You Catch Me song ‘You can taste the dishonesty / it’s all over your breath,’.

According to the Post, who wrote about the rumours, the pair went to a marriage counselling office and worked things out as they were seen in London, and Fox was spotted attending Machine Gun Kelly’s concert in Berlin.

Megan Fox and Silvester Stallone

Megan starred in the fourth instalment of The Expendables named Expen4bles, where the Transformers bombshell shares credits with Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Andy Garcia, 50 Cent, and Dolph Lundgren.

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