Argentina Fans Get World Cup Tattoos To Pay Tribute To Lionel Messi After FIFA Win

Argentina Fans Get World Cup Tattoos To Pay Tribute To Lionel Messi After FIFA Win

To pay tribute to Lionel Messi, Argentina’s FIFA World Cup win in Qatar has seen his image inked on many people’s bodies. Many people flocked to tattoo parlours of Buenos Aires after Messi’s win, which led to Argentina’s third World Cup victory.

Social media posts and photos showed many different World Cup tattoos inked into skin of people across the country. People who inked their skin wanted to keep the historical tournament in mind, from Messi’s face to the number ten Messi shirt and three stars to its support,

Check out these tattoos:

Speak to ReutersSebastian Arguello Paz, tattoo artist, stated that “I knew lots people wanted tattoos Messi and the team” because they had already booked him before the final. M. Arguello claimed that after Argentina beat France, his studio was buzzing with questions about Messi’s tattoos.

Andres de Winter, a tattoo artist, said that one of his customers had gotten a side tattoo depicting Messi as he wanted to pay respect and honor him with something “different, unique: just like him.”

In the meantime, Messi’s total of goals at the tournament was seven after he scored two goals in Doha’s final. He was also awarded The Golden Ball, the Player of the Tournament award. This is his first win, after he won it in 2014.

Kylian Mbappe of France won the Golden Boot as the tournament’s top scorer, scoring eight goals more than the Argentina skipper.

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