Chris Jericho Unveils Striking David Bowie-Inspired Tattoo Masterpiece


In a recent Instagram reveal, iconic pro wrestler Chris Jericho showcased his latest tattoo creation, an upper arm piece crafted by his longtime friend and tattoo artist, Flaco Martinez, of Studio Evolve in Virginia Beach, VA. The tattoo draws inspiration from the legendary David Bowie, particularly from his Aladdin Sane album era in April 1973, following the groundbreaking success of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

Expressing gratitude to Martinez, Jericho described the tattoo as a “beautiful piece of art” and expressed pride in adding it to his collection of Flaco’s masterpieces adorning his body. Jericho also recommended checking out Martinez’s work at Studio Evolve Tattoo for those in the Virginia Beach area.

Martinez, sharing the work on his Instagram, mentioned that there is still more to come for the piece, referring to it as a “Ziggy Stardust space jam” with additional background work to be completed. Despite the playful comment about Jericho turning “heel” (a wrestling term for turning villainous), Martinez expressed appreciation for collaborating with the unconquerable Chris Jericho.

For those interested in witnessing the completion of this tattoo masterpiece, Jericho will appear on the upcoming AEW Dynamite, where he will confront Adam Cole face-to-face.

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