Embracing the Ink of Forever and A Journey Beyond Fear


In life, the concept of “forever” can be alluring and daunting, casting its shadows on our thoughts and choices. For some, forever represents an infinite promise; for others, it’s a realm of uncertainty. In the tapestry of existence, our experiences forever shape our understanding of commitment, resilience, and self-discovery.

One woman’s journey delves into the heart of this enigmatic concept. Sarah Shrader, a breast cancer survivor and a seeker of life’s profound lessons, navigates the intricate path of embracing forever through ink, love, and the flutter of sparrows.

Beyond the Fear of Forever

Forever often evokes a sense of unease as Sarah explores her deeply rooted apprehension towards the notion. The permanence of forever can be a heavyweight, whether it’s the commitment to sobriety or the promise of eternal love in a second marriage.

Sarah’s unique approach to facing fear takes her in two directions: she flees from it at full speed or plunges headfirst into its depths. This dichotomy embodies her unwavering spirit, which has led her through the challenges of sobriety, love, and self-acceptance.

For Sarah, sobriety is an ongoing journey, and when asked how long she intends to abstain from drinking, she often responds with uncertainty. The prospect of forever sends shivers down her spine as the fear of potential failure looms large. Yet, she reminds herself that, in reality, it’s about today and not the distant forever that daunts her.

A Proposal, An Inkling of Forever

Months ago, Sarah’s life took a beautiful turn when Lee, her partner, asked her to marry him. The prospect of marriage introduced a nuanced approach to the concept of forever. Sarah’s initial response was hesitant, even though her ultimate answer was “yes.” This “eventually, we could get married” sentiment reflects her intimate struggle with the permanence of forever, especially considering her previous marriage.

Sarah’s desire for a tattoo also echoed her anxiety about the enduring nature of forever. She opted for temporary tattoos to avoid the commitment of permanent ink. Her struggle with achieving the perfect design was rooted in the awareness that a tattoo would remain a lifelong part of her. The fear of getting it wrong was daunting.

Tattooing the Lesson of Forever

Sarah’s encounter with fear forever culminated in a spontaneous decision to get a tattoo. With a cross and a heart on the inner arm, she took the plunge. Although she didn’t immediately love it, the experience opened a new chapter in her journey. The tattoo represented a lesson she needed to remember: not to fret about the future but to trust in the present moment. She chose to embody the essence of Matthew 6:26, akin to the birds of the air, which neither sow nor reap and yet are cared for by the heavenly Father.

The tattoo reinforced the idea that earthly forevers, such as sobriety and marriage, were distinct from her eternal connection with God. Sarah recognized that forever isn’t about avoiding failure but about embracing each day as it comes.

Learning from Fear

Sarah’s journey is a testament to the profound wisdom encapsulated in George Addair’s words: “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” She acknowledges that fear, worry, anxiety, and the apprehension of failure are all companions on the road to life. However, through her experiences, she learns to relinquish control and place her trust in a higher power. Forever isn’t a burden; it’s an opportunity to surrender to God’s guidance.

As Sarah nears one year of sobriety and the promise of forever in her marriage, she acknowledges that the concept of forever can be daunting. However, she is learning to embrace life’s journey, focusing less on fear and more on each day’s contentment. Beyond the horizon of forever, God’s presence is already assured.

In her profound journey through fear, love, and ink, Sarah Shrader demonstrates that forever is not a destination but a continuum of lessons, growth, and self-discovery. With every tattoo, every day of sobriety, and every commitment, she redefines her relationship forever, revealing that it’s not about avoiding failure but embracing the gift of each moment.

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