Exploring the Beautiful Tattoos of Lana Del Rey: A Captivating Display of Body Art

Lana Del Rey, the Grammy-nominated artist, is known for her soulful voice and poetic lyrics, but many may not know about her tattoo collection. There are eleven designs on her upper body. The Grammy-nominated singer’s tattoos are all unique but have a common theme. Each piece is a script in cursive writing to give it a personal touch.

The “Norman F*cking Rockwell” creator has opened up about the reason behind getting only meaningful textual inks, saying that the body art she owns helps her feel less lonely while away from home for extended periods. She said, “I’ve been travelling for the past three years. It gets lonely.” “I like the idea of taking someone with me on the road.”

To create her ink collection of sophisticated works, the 38-year-old carefully selected her most admired artists who have heavily influenced her unique body of work. “That’s why I only have a script; I’ve had Nabokov, Whitman, and other things.”

Del Rey previously stated that she wanted to remove a few tattoos. We’ve listed all of her designs and their meanings below. Del Rey’s tattoo collection is a window into the artistry and personality of this unique woman. It includes a beautiful tribute to her grandmother and a touching tribute to her favourite artists. Continue reading to learn more about the tattoos of “Lust for Life'” singer Del Rey and their meaning.

Hand Tattoo “Paradise” by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey's
Image Source: Getty/Amanda Edwards

Del Rey inked the word “Paradise”, in cursive calligraphy, on the left side of her hand in 2012 to celebrate her third studio album with the same title. The singer went into more detail about the inspiration for this tattoo in an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel. “Death for me is linked to paradise,” she said.

“I want to die in a calm and relaxed place.” Paradise can be described already. It’s so full of meaning. The word “Paradise” is my favourite. I tattooed “Paradise” on my hands.”

Lana Del Rey’s “Trust No One Hand Tattoo”

Lana Del Rey's
Image Source: Getty/Ilya Savenok

Del Rey’s right hand has “Trust No One” etched in cursive script. This piece is a representation of her cynical attitude towards life. She has gained this through her hard-earned experiences. Speaking with Les Inrocks, Del Rey said in 2017 that she thought about removing it, but “deeply, I still believe the message.” Del Rey may have changed their minds since then. She still appears to be sporting the ink on the cover of her new single, “Say Yes, to Heaven.”

Lana Del Rey’s “Die Young” Finger Tattoo

Lana Del Rey's
Image Source: Getty/ David Wolff- Patrick

The tattoo reads: “Die Young.” In a 2014 interview with The Guardian, Del Rey revealed she isn’t afraid of dying young, much like her heroes — Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain. In her 2017 song “Lust For Life,” she echoed the same sentiment.

Lana Del Rey’s “M” Hand Tattoo

Lana Del Rey's
Image Source: Getty Images / Andreas Rentz

Del Rey had her initial “M” in honour of Madeleine, her grandmother, tattooed near her thumb on the left side of her hand. The design uses a beautiful cursive typeface.

Lana Del Rey’s “Nabokov Whitman” Arm Tattoo

Lana Del Rey's
Image Source: Getty/ Allen Berezovsky

Del Rey tattooed the names of her two most admired authors, Walt Whitman and Vladimir Nabokov, vertically in cursive on her right arm. “I have tattooed the names of two of my favourite authors on my forearm, “Whitman” and “Nabokov.” “Whenever I see it, I am reminded that life can indeed be wonderful,” she said, explaining her tattoos’ meaning.

Lana Del Rey’s “Chateau Marmont” arm tattoo

Lana Del Rey's
Image Source: Getty/Jon Kopaloff

The “Chateau Marmont” tattoo is etched across the left forearm of the musician. The name of the luxurious LA hotel is mentioned in several of her songs, such as “Heavy Hitter” and “Off to the Races.”

Lana Del Rey’s “Nina Billie” Chest Tattoo

Lana Del Rey's
Image Source: Getty/Steve Granitz

“Nina” and “Billie” are inscribed on the upper left side of her chest. The script is done in a delicate cursive font and light ink and refers to the first names of two of her most revered musicians — Nina Simone and Billie Holiday.

Del Rey has also paid tribute by covering Simone’s songs “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”, “The Other Woman”, and “Ultraviolence” in her album from 2014. Her 2016 song, “The Blackest Day,” mentions Holiday. She sings the wistful chorus, “All I hear, Billie Holiday.”

Lana Del Rey’s “Whitney Amy’ Chest Tattoo

Lana Del Rey's
Image Source: Getty/Steve Granitz

The singer of “Summertime Sadness”, a massive inspiration to her, also inked the names of two other women she admires in the music business on her left collarbone. “Whitney” and “Amy” are the names placed on Del Rey’s clavicle and refer to the iconic artists Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse.

On October 23, 2017, she performed the acapella version of “Get Free”, her 2017 single, live in NYC. Del Rey sang. Winehouse’s and Houston’s names are censored in the studio version of the song. This reveals that these two artists were the inspiration behind this track.

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