Looking for a running tattoo? Here’s some inspiration

Finding the right tattoo isn’t easy. Many runners consider a running tattoo a deep reflection of their running experience. We asked our readers. Canadian Running Instagram They invited the community to send in images of their unique running tats and received a lot of responses. Here’s a look at some of our favourites, and the meaning behind them.

“Memento mori coin” – @andrewvanderburg

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Photo: Instagram/@andrewvanderburg

A memento mori A symbol that warns or reminds of death. For ultratrail runner Andrew Vanderburg, It brings back memories of his childhood. long trail races He has suffered a lot of pain.

“The XC spike” – @m.marshall.90

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For Michael MarshallHis unlaced cross race spike tattoo is an ode to the three years he spent racing for his college cross country team. Marshall claims that Marshall even brought his XC spike to the tattoo artist!

“A little reminder” – @runhardrunfast19

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This tattoo is for runners Kim Stiff because it reminds her to “just run.” Stiff chose to get these words tattooed on her right forearm so she sees them on every run. She had the “run hard, run fast, just run” to start, then added the 26.2 after completing her first marathon.

“Marathon maps” – @jonathanichikawa

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On his left leg, Vancouver’s Jonathan Ichikawa has a tattoo of the maps of all the marathons he’s completed. His most recent tattoo was from the 2022 New York City Marathon. Ichikawa also owns the course maps for the BMO Vancouver MarathonThe Victoria Marathon and the California International Marathon.

“The marathon logo” – @natearsenault22

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You typically see some runners get “42.2” (or 26.2) or the Boston Marathon logo After they are done, tattoos can be reapplied but Nathan Arsenault P.E.I. After his first marathon, he chose a symbolic route. Arsenault received a shoeprint which included an island, a runner, as well as the marathon distance. A+ for creativity

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