A growing list of the best tattoo artists in Sydney

From tiny fine-link tattoos to bold blackwork designs,

With the plethora of talented artists across Australia right now, there’s simply no excuse for a less-than-incredible tattoo. Whether you’re into dainty fine-line or punchy blackwork tattoos, there’s an artist out there waiting to ink your dream piece. No regrets here – just great tattoo experiences, remembered forever.

You just need to do some research and have a vision. Then, find a talented artist who can help you achieve your goal. To help your search along, we’ve put together a growing list of the best tattoo artists across Sydney.

Aluna Ink


Allie is a tattoo artist, illustrator and traveler. Aluna Ink creations are whimsical, detailed and enchanting – think mystical mermaids, fluffy lambs, swamp nymphs and spider orchids. The books are currently closed, but you can check their Instagram for a spot.




Rachael is a 22-year old artist behind Unsoftserve’s dreamy, hand-poked Tattoo account. Rachael began tattooing in 2018 after getting her first tattoos. She believes the experience of getting tattooed is, in many ways, just as important as the final piece – which is why Rachael ensures a safe space and open communication.


Dani Tattoos


Dani is a specialist in black and grey tattoos. She works out of Little Art in Leichhardt. With their flash offering ghouls, dryads and crawling forest sprites, Dani’s pieces are striking and Simply The right amount of creepy. Flash designs aren’t repeated, so get in quick or opt for a custom piece.


Pocket Grubs


Felix, also known as Pocketgrubs tattoo artist, pokes all kinds of adorable animals, brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, flowers and sparkles. If cartoon-like fluffy penguins holding tiny oranges aren’t your thing (but Take a look Felix (a tiny guy) also hand-pokes abstract shapes and text.


Leaking Gash


Bridgette, a Sydney-based stylist and model, is a tattoo artist. Each month, they release new flash sheets. They feature a blend of fine stippled shadings and fine lines. Follow their Instagram for your very own tooth Angel, orchid, or Dalmatian.


Booomy Tattoo


Bonnie, also known as Booomy, is another talented artist who works out of Little Art in Leichhardt. Bonnie specialises in fine-line tattoos – think dainty roses, snakes butterflies and cherubs – as well as intricately detailed, more realistic pieces. You can browse the IG highlights and order via email.


Violet Yang


Violet Yang’s IG handle of @buffbabei.nk is fitting. Violet tattoos tough-looking butterflies, hearts, chains and butterflies from Little Art studio. Their tattoos are dominated by black and gray, with a focus on shading and highlights. Send an email or DM to inquire here.


Heck Hound


Heck Hound is Jon Hardy, an inclusive tattoo artist who specializes in punchy blackwork and gothic lettering. His flash sheets feature a wide variety of motifs, including roses barbed wire spiders and nails. You can book your spot by email. Check out his work here.

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