Discover Scarlett Johansson’s Stunning Tattoo Collection

Scarlett Johansson inspires beauty enthusiasts everywhere when she is not running her skin-care line or acting in one of history’s most renowned movie franchises. You might not see her trademark red lip or Old Hollywood-style updo when she appears on a red rug in a backless dress. Her back tattoo will probably have you captivated.

Many people don’t know that despite her stardom for over two decades, she has impressive tattoos. At least eight ink pieces are known to the public. Except for Johansson’s back tattoo, most of these designs are minimalistic and hard to see, making them perfect for inspiration when you want to get your small tattoo.

Though Johansson has kept the meanings behind most of her tattoos close to her chest, the designs all seem significant to the star, as evidenced by the Avengers logo on her inner-right arm — a nod to her role in the Marvel movie franchise. If you’re interested in the meaning behind tattoos like Johansson’s back tattoo or looking for inspiration to create your own, check out the actor’s collection of tattoos.

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