Janella Salvador shows off snake tattoo in swimsuit photos

Janella Salvador’s Valentina character seemed to have grown into her as she flaunted her snake tattoo on her hip, as seen in photos during her recent El Nido getaway.

Salvador, who recently turned 25, showed off her new snake ink on her left hip on her Instagram account on Monday, April 3, where she was spotted lounging in a pink swimsuit, apparently a tribute to her character as the viper queen in “Mars Ravelo’s Darna”.

However, the singer-actress did not reveal where or when she got her tattoo.

Salvador’s tattoo was the subject of admiration of her followers, and many appeared to be in awe of how it looked.

Image: Screengrab from Instagram/@superjanella

Image: Screengrab from Instagram/@superjanella

The “Darna” star is known for having two pet snakes, Versace and Valentino, where she noted in an August 2022 “Kapamilya Chat” interview that securing a permit from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is a must before owning one.

Salvador, who gained a cult following after Valentina, caught the attention of netizens on social media after tapping into her inner femme fatale at recent 25th birthday photoshoots.

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