Norelle Wears Her Love For Sade ‘Like A Tattoo’


In the realm of artists who genuinely embody a profound love for Sade, both the band and the iconic woman behind it, Norelle stands in a league of her own. A sought-after singer-songwriter, notably recognized for her recent tour as a supporting vocalist for Leon Bridges, Norelle unveiled a heartfelt tribute to Sade Adu and her legendary band in 2018. Initially titled To Sade, Love Norelle (later shortened to Love, Norelle), the EP showcased her reinterpretations of select tracks from Sade’s extensive catalogue, commemorating Ms Adu’s 59th birthday. As the living legend approaches her 65th birthday on January 16, 2024, Norelle revisits the EP with the single release of her enchanting cover of “Like A Tattoo.”

Originally featured on Sade’s 1992 album Love Deluxe, “Like A Tattoo” is a haunting love ballad penned by Adu and Stuart Matthewman. Despite never being released as a single, the song instantly captured the hearts of fans and has maintained its revered status for over three decades.

Taking on the task of reimagining a song with such a timeless legacy might seem daunting to many, but not to Norelle. In her version of “Like A Tattoo,” she fearlessly injects her unique style, defying conventions and tailoring the song to her voice. Rather than delivering a straightforward cover, Norelle, accompanied by producers Romero Mosley and Iyeball and Keyon Harrold on horns and Eric Nicholas on keys, boldly modifies the instrumentation, infusing the track with her artistic essence.

Norelle’s decision to put her stamp on this beloved song epitomizes the true essence of making a song uniquely yours. We applaud her unwavering dedication to Sade and the distinctive charm she brings to her rendition of “Like A Tattoo,” a sentiment that listeners can experience below. As we bask in the beauty of this musical homage, we eagerly anticipate more of Norelle’s creations soon.

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