Semicolon Tattoo Meaning

Some people find getting a new tattoo easy; others take months of planning. Many people choose to have tattoos with significant meaning because they are more likely to be remembered.

Although there are many inspirational and positive tattoo designs to choose from, the semicolon is a symbol that conveys a strong message. A semicolon, a punctuation symbol that signifies a pause between sentences, is used to indicate that although the sentence could be ended, the author chose not to end it.

Jennifer Covarrubias is the clinical director of outpatient services at Mental Health Center San Diego. She believes that semicolon tattoos have a similar meaning. POPSUGAR was told by Covarrubias that the semicolon tattoo became popular in 2013, when Project Semicolon began. “It’s more than just a hashtag trend on Instagram — the semicolon tattoo is a powerful statement in support of those struggling with mental health conditions, substance use, and suicide.”

Amy Bluel founded Project Semicolon. She stated that a semicolon is used in situations where an author could have chosen to end their sentence but chooses not. The sentence is your life and the author is you. Bluel’s father committed suicide and she started the non-profit organization to raise awareness on mental health. Project Semicolon invites people to upload images of their semicolon tattoos online. The hashtag #semicolontattoo already has more than 90,000 Instagram posts. Many people have also shared their own experiences and struggles with mental illness.

Covarrubias said, “The semicolon ink signifies a person’s ability to persevere after a life-threatening event, suicidal thoughttion, or addiction.” It is a symbol of strength, victory, hope and courage.

Continue scrolling if a semicolon tattoo appeals to you. We have gathered images of the most inspiring semicolon tattoos to inspire you next visit to the tattoo parlor.

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