Before getting a tattoo, the biggest mistake is

Tattoo artists from a studio in Redfern, in Sydney’s inner-city, have revealed one thing they wished their clients knew before stepping into the studio.

Redfern artist Markd was asked whether they prefer their clients to come in pre-shaved, or if the artist would prefer that the client shave.

“No, get the full experience with me,” one joked.

“I’ll shave you.”

Another said they preferred the clients didn’t shave as they had people cut themselves, and that they also enjoyed shaving people.

Tattoo artists reveal their shaving preference. Picture: TikTok/Markd
Tattoo artists share their shaving preferences. Picture: TikTok/Markd

All revealed it was better to be unshaven. Picture: TikTok/Markd

All agreed that it was better to not shave. Picture: TikTok/Markd

You can get tattoos over cuts but they must be properly treated. Scars aren’t always a problem.

“No, I don’t want you to shave the day before your skin can get very prickly and irritated,” another artist point out.

“Freshly shaved is better.”

Another artist agrees, stating that freshly shaved skin makes it feel smoother.

The video was viewed more that 4.8 million time on TikTok.

Many social media users were surprised by this information.

“I have a tattoo in two days and this will be the first tattoo I don’t preshave now,” one said.

Another added: “I have a tattoo appt coming up and was debating whether I should shave or not, what a perfect video to pop up.”

One added: “I apologised for not shaving once and my artist told me I could walk in shaving and he’d still do it so I don’t bother anymore lol.”

However, some people pointed out that the razor could have been misused.

“My next tattoo appointment is with an artist that has cut me while shaving me sooooo IMA SHAVE B4,” one said.

Another said: “I’ve been cut more by the artist shaving me than myself..”

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