Why You Should Always Choose a Reputable Tattoo Artist

TikTok was approached by a woman to tell us how she got her leg tattooed. She ended up in the hospital.

For some, getting a tattoo is a way of life.

It’s a meaningful act that marks a special moment in their life. Not everyone does it that way.

Some people do it to be in the midst of a trend or cross off a bucket list item. As much as it is great to do, you must do it at a respected place.

The woman paid a lot for an inexperienced tattoo artist.

Itumeleng posted a snippet from her tattooed leg on TikTok. Many people told her that it was not supposed to look like that.

Below is her TikTok video.


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She disclosed earlier this month that she had an infection. Many people thought her tattoo looked like it was embroidered on her leg.

Take a look at the video she uploaded to TikTok.


got infection #southafricatiktok #SAMA28 #itumeleng77 #tattoogirl #painfultattoo #tattoo

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Then, unfortunately, she was admitted to the hospital a week earlier. Here is her leg.

This is not recommended for those with sensitive eyes. This is not a guideline for anyone who plans to get a tattoo.

SEE the video on her TikTok page.


Replying to @afritumic got admitted 🏥 #painfultattoo #tattoogirl #itumeleng77 #wahala #SAMA28 #southafricatiktok #tattoo

♬ Better Side of Me .. Save me Now – HUTCH DOWN RECORDS

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