10 Worst Wrestler Tattoos WWE’s Worst Wrestling Tattoos: A Look at the Most Regrettable Inken They Regret


Tattoos have become a trendy way to express yourself and identify with others.

The tattooed professional seems more prevalent in wrestling than in any other profession. The free-spirited, self-expression crop tends to gravitate towards pro wrestling among all the different spheres of employment.

Wrestlers in and outside of WWE have decorated their bodies with some of the most memorable tattoos. These range from actual dates to self-likening to superheroes. Many of these tattoos become iconic because they are associated with wrestlers. Some tattoos are so memorable that they stick out like a sore finger.

Big or small, colored or monochrome – what matters is the satisfaction of the person who wears the tattoos. However, some wrestlers’ tattoos can be considered harmful for many reasons. These include the size, location, design choice, or any combination thereof. Here are some of the worst tattoos wrestlers may regret. These tattoos look hideous to our eyes! We’re sure these wrestlers regret their tattoos.

10 BatistaBatista belly button tattoo

Batista has not been known to make many controversial decisions. He is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a decorated sports entertainment.

One tattoo, however, is not the same – a sun-shaped design surrounding his belly button. The Animal’s tattoo on his stomach, which outlines the circular depression, will be instantly recognizable to those familiar with Batista during his first stint in WWE.

It was an odd choice. More designs on his washboard abs have covered up Batista’s tattoo.

9 Tyson Tomko

Tyson Tomko tattoos

Tyson Tomko made a brief appearance in WWE as Christian’s kayfabe enforcer. Tomko debuted to assist Christian in his match against Chris Jericho.

Tomko played the role of “problem solver,” and he would occasionally wrestle in WWE before moving on to New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The WWE Universe was able to see Tomko’s tattoos in this period. Tyson Tomko’s tattoos are not very impressive. They start from his neck and then move down to his arms. The overabundance of tribal stripes looks generic and dull. The tribal lines do not give his character any personality, either.

Kevin Owens

10 Worst Wrestler Tattoos WWE's Worst Wrestling Tattoos: A Look at the Most Regrettable Inken They Regret 13

Kevin Owens is one of the most charming wrestling stars of his generation.

Owens, who has been a professional wrestler and a microphone whiz since the early days of the independent circuit, is a believable character.

KO’s consistently strong performances reflect his convictions towards each gimmick he performs. However, his tattoo choice on the right arm did not show the same confidence. It is possible that he chose to surround and tattoo over the original with other tattoos.

When Owens first debuted on the main roster, he had tattooed a bulls-eye face on the upper part of his right forearm. Like The RockOwens’ Brahma Bull Tattoo, Owens had a symbol representing his star sign Taurus.

7Hulk Hogan

image 1
10 Worst Wrestler Tattoos WWE's Worst Wrestling Tattoos: A Look at the Most Regrettable Inken They Regret 14

The statement that some controversial decisions have marked Hulk Hogan His public life. His “Immortal tattoo” seems to be one of those choices.

The Hulkster had no tattoos for a long time. When he revealed a tattoo on his back, it raised many eyebrows. It was the name of his faction in 2011 when he wrestled for Impact Wrestling. It would be hard to believe that the former TNA stable influenced Hogan.

The tattoo looks very unimpressive, with its large and clunky font. It looks dull, with no design on the letters. Hogan doesn’t take his top off too often anymore.

Cody Rhodes

image 2
10 Worst Wrestler Tattoos WWE's Worst Wrestling Tattoos: A Look at the Most Regrettable Inken They Regret 15

Cody Rhodes seems to have taken the ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ adage very seriously. He wears an expression of self tattoo on his back.

Cody has always been an all-in person. Second-generation superstar Cody is an incredibly passionate person who loves to express himself.

It was only natural that his tattoo attracted a lot of media attention. Cody’s tattoo is a crowned skull with wings in the colors of the American Flag, representing his nickname, “The American Nightmare.”

Placing it so close to the face is not a good idea. It’s jarring to have a tattoo that close to your face, given how rare it is. It’s also too bright and contrasting for his skin. It would have been best to choose a less pronounced tattoo for a prominent position on camera. Cody may have decided to proceed with his tattoo for these reasons. The American Nightmare could prefer the bold nature of his tattoo.

5 Perry Saturn

image 3
10 Worst Wrestler Tattoos WWE's Worst Wrestling Tattoos: A Look at the Most Regrettable Inken They Regret 16

Tattoos that involve ink on your face don’t always look good. The decision to tattoo on the front is not a good one. Perry Saturn’s decision is baffling.

And Saturn revealed in a 2013 interview what prompted him to get that Mike Tyson-esque tattoo across the right side of his face, creeping up his skull. Saturn acknowledged that he wasn’t sober and made a decision that he might not have otherwise.

Fair enough, this tattoo’s placement is so absurd that not even the most brilliant design could have saved the situation. This design is not the best.

This incident teaches us more than just one thing.

4 Brock Lesnar

image 4
10 Worst Wrestler Tattoos WWE's Worst Wrestling Tattoos: A Look at the Most Regrettable Inken They Regret 17

Brock Lesnar’s sword on his chest is a strange tattoo.

Unique is that a sword tattoo starting at one’s stomach points toward one’s neck. This uniqueness does not translate into something spectacular or visually pleasing. It is an acceptable tattoo that has been made odd by its placement.

Lesnar would reveal later the reason why he got this tattoo. In his book Death Clutch, My Story of Domination, Determination and Survival, SurvivalThe Beast Incarnate said that he got the tattoo soon after his first WWE stint ended and that both events were connected.

At the time, there was a lawsuit between WWE and Brock Lesnar regarding the latter’s non-competition following his release from Vince McMahon’s company. Former UFC and WWE champion Brock Lesnar compared that situation to having a sword thrust into his throat. In an act of rebellion, he got himself tattooed.

3 Bron Breakker

image 5
10 Worst Wrestler Tattoos WWE's Worst Wrestling Tattoos: A Look at the Most Regrettable Inken They Regret 18

Bron Breakker has gone on record saying that his tattoo is a tribute to Bill Goldberg.

The NXT Prodigy is sporting a tribal tattoo similar to Goldberg’s on the upper part of his left forearm. He also revealed in an interview that he regrets having the tattoo and was 18 years old when he decided to get inked.

Breakker’s Tattoo is Not a Replica of Goldbergs. However, there are enough similarities to compare it to the tattoo that made the world of wrestling famous with his unbeaten streak.

While generic, the tattoo isn’t necessarily ugly, especially compared to others on the list. If the person who has it regrets their decision, there’s not much more to say. Breakker’s resentment may result from the fact that he could lose his identity if he self-likens himself to a legendary figure.

The youngster is on the right track to building his own career.

2 Paige

image 6
10 Worst Wrestler Tattoos WWE's Worst Wrestling Tattoos: A Look at the Most Regrettable Inken They Regret 19

Paige has established a successful career despite many setbacks.

She entered the business young and has made a name by being herself. PaigeFans will remember WWE’s run with AJ Lee as a refreshing change from the rest of the division.

The current AEW superstar was also a key figure in the Women’s Revolution, elevating the division alongside NXT graduates Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

Paige made history in WWE by historical wrestling standards and compared to other wrestlers of her time.

Whether in rebellion or inspired by other motivations, Paige spoke in retrospect about getting the tattoos removed because of her wish to explore movie opportunities.

It is easy to understand her frustration, but it’s hard to imagine what she went through when forced into retirement because of medical problems. She decided to get tattoos on both hands during that time. She decided to have the words “Get Bitten” etched on her left arm and two other words, including “Talk” and profanity, engraved on her right.

The Undertaker

image 7
10 Worst Wrestler Tattoos WWE's Worst Wrestling Tattoos: A Look at the Most Regrettable Inken They Regret 20

The Undertaker cut the branch that he was sitting upon with this tattoo. Mark Callaway inked the name “Sara,” his former wife, near his throat. The gesture may be heartwarming, but there are probably more subtle and intelligent ways to express love.

Undertaker Soon, it became apparent that the exercise would be even more painful. Undertaker and Michelle McCool divorced, then Undertaker got married to Michelle McCool.

The Deadman’s tattoo of “Sara” was removed following his divorce. Instead, a generic chain would be placed around his neck to replace the name.

This is not one of The Undertaker’s most intelligent decisions. However, it does come with a vital lesson. Do not rush to get a new tattoo. Think carefully about the design and location.


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