20 Feminine and Classy Thigh Tattoos Ideas for Women in 2023

Women can do many things to emphasize their individuality and beauty. Some prefer to wear stylish clothes while others choose unusual inking. Drawings can look great on many areas of the body. You can choose to use a large design because the thigh is large. Do you have any feminine ideas for thigh tattoos that are classy and elegant?

feminine classy thigh tattoos
Feminine thigh tattoo. Photo by @Ghetty Images
Source: Getty Images

The thigh area is one of the most appealing parts of a woman’s body. It’s also a good place to do body art. You can easily cover the thigh with clothes, which is also low in the tattoo pain chart.

Different designs and meanings of thigh tattoos for ladies are available. They will look great on every woman’s skin. Thigh tattoos can be bold and fashion-forward, regardless of the design.

20 ideas for feminine thigh tattoos that are classy and elegant for women

Although thighs aren’t a common tattoo location for women, they have become very popular because of their ability to flatter feminine curves. Here are some thigh tattoos that women can get in 2023.

1. Face of a Lion

feminine classy thigh tattoos
Lion face. Photo by @captainzacktattoo and @studio13_tattooshop (modified to author) Source: UGC

Lions are associated with power, confidence, dominance, boldness, and courage. This design is ideal for females who wish to express their uniqueness and boldness.

You have many options when it comes to the design of a lion tattoo. You can also choose the African lioness for a more feminine tattoo. The lioness represents femininity and motherhood.

2. The Phoenix


Phoenix tattoos were once a rare feminine tattoo on the thighs. They are now very popular in the inking world. They are designed to enhance your body with their soft curves and lines.

Phoenix art can often be interpreted as a victory. If you have overcome a significant challenge in your life, you may use this unique body art to express yourself. Many women use phoenixes to get tattoos that represent turning a new page in their lives.

3. African continent

Feminine classy thigh tattoos
African continent tattoo design. Photo: @chevytheartist Source: Instagram
You are a lover of African culture and would like to ink your body with a map of Africa. To show pride and connect to Africa, you can ink your body using the map of Africa. One of the most popular tattoos is on the African continent. It helps the wearer to stay connected to their roots.

4. Portrait

feminine classy thigh tattoos
A floral headband covers a woman’s face. Photo by Jecapix Source: Getty Images

The portrait tattoo is very unique. It uses creativity in many different ways. This is one of the most popular tattoos for girls on the front thighs. The outline can be enhanced with a pop of color. It will take some time but the result will be well worth it.

5. A dreamcatcher

feminine classy thigh tattoos
A dreamcatcher tattoo design. Photo: @jonmap Source: Instagram

Dreamcatcher symbolizes safety and protection from harm. Its shape is like a moon, and it looks incredible. Because there is enough room to display the beauty and delicate details of the dreamcatcher tattoo, a dreamcatcher tattoo looks great on the thighs.

6. Coloured flowers

feminine classy thigh tattoos
Design of a tattoo with colored flowers Photo: Bonan Chen Source: Getty Images

Flowers are a great choice for thigh tattoos, especially for women who prefer something that can be easily understood and is not too loud. Floral tattoos allow for creativity to be unlimited.

There are many options for tattoos on the thighs, from black and white to colored versions. These tattoos are associated with beauty, love, life, and joy. This tattoo is perfect for those who love flowers.

7. Diamond

feminine classy thigh tattoos
Diamond tattoo design. Photo: @traptune_williams Source: Instagram

Diamond is one of the most valuable elements on the planet. It is possible to have the element in body art, but it is not feasible to obtain it in real life. This type of tattoo has grown in popularity over the years. It is associated with strength.

8. Notes musical

feminine classy thigh tattoos
Tattoo with musical notes Photo by July Alcantara Source: Getty Images

There are many ways to represent music, including instruments and musical notation. These often depict the devotion of a musician to their music. It is therefore a wise choice to have body art that depicts the musicality aspect.

9. Feather

Feminine classy thigh tattoos
Feather tattoo Rawpixel Source: Getty Images

This simple tattoo idea on the thighs still looks great. Feather tattoos look great because they can be inked large or small and can be easily combined with other images like arrows.

10. Camera body art

Feminine classy thigh tattoos
Camera body art. Photo by CHRISTOPHE SIMON Source: Getty Images

Photography is important to everyone, even those who only do it as a hobby. This body art design can be a great option if you love photography. If a camera bears an open message, it can be easily understood.

11. Tiger

Feminine classy thigh tattoos
Tiger tattoo. Photo by Amber McCartney Source: Getty Images

Due to their fur colors, tigers can be strong and fierce but they are also beautiful. A tiger tattoo is perfect for a woman who is fiery and loves to lead. This design can be combined with other inkings such as flowers. You can add more details to give yours an individual touch.

12. Body art featuring a thigh butterfly

feminine classy thigh tattoos
Thigh butterfly art. Photo: @TheTrend Source: UGC

Butterfly tattoos are symbolic of love and freedom. They also represent new beginnings. As the symbol of the butterfly, even in difficult times, there is always a possibility for growth.

Many women place butterfly art on different parts of their bodies, such as the chest and hands. It’s best to have it on your thighs as this will allow your artist enough room to create intricate designs with lots of movement.

13. Animated body art

feminine classy thigh tattoos
Animated tattoo design. Picture by picture alliance Source: Getty Images

Animated body art is a great way to enjoy your favorite animated series or characters. You can make yourself attractive by simply having cute cartoon artwork. There are many choices to choose from that allow you to express your thoughts or feelings.

You can place an image of your favorite cartoon character, or even several of them. To create a truly outstanding piece, you can play with colors.

14. Face in flowers

Feminine classy thigh tattoos
Face in a flower tattoo design. Photo: @captainzacktattoo Source: Instagram

This design is ideal for people who appreciate body art that represents beauty and depth. It is all about how creative and original you are. When done correctly, it looks elegant and chic.

15. Sun and moon art

feminine classy thigh tattoos
Sun and moon art. Photo: @spiritbook Source: UGC

A sun and moon tattoo is a great choice for those who are drawn to magic and mystery. The sun and moon-inked art represent different things to different people. The moon symbolizes beauty and calmness while the sun represents strength and power.

16. Clock art

feminine classy thigh tattoos
Clock tattoo. Photo: @roxannetatt Source: UGC

A clock tattoo could be used to signify time passing or an exceptional date. A clock tattoo can also be used to symbolize death and life or to remind you of a special moment. This art is great for women’s thighs. It can be drawn either as a single line or in a larger tattoo.

17. A mysterious raven


Ravens are spiritual symbols that can represent many things and movements. This design features a black raven, surrounded by many other details. The black color symbolizes insight and prophecy.

18. A minimalistic elephant

Feminine classy thigh tattoos
A simple tattoo of an elephant. Photo: @leaahartyashley Source: Instagram

Elephants are loved by many people for many reasons. Many people love elephants for their calmness and wisdom. Even big wild animals, such as elephants, can be accommodated in the thigh. You can choose to have an elephant tattoo if you’re looking for something simple, beautiful, and elegant.

19. Star tattoos

feminine classy thigh tattoos
Star tattoos. Photo: @tattoosbag Source: UGC

Star tattoos on the thighs of females are symbolic and represent amazing things that show your true self. These tattoos are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal. They can be small, large, colorful, or simple. To create an original design, you can combine the start with great patterns.

20. Bird sketch


Birds have been a source of fascination and charm since ancient times. They often represent freedom, courage, or travel. These qualities are important to you so that you might consider this type of tattoo. You can customize it according to your taste. You can experiment with different colors to create an exceptional piece.

Tattoos are fashion statements that can reflect a person’s personality. The feminine and classy thigh tattoos above are great options for inspiration. These tattoos are a great source of inspiration for women looking to make new designs and decorate their bodies with them.

The sultry and seductive lace tattoo is a popular choice for women. However, they can be adorned with slight modifications to show their masculinity by men. You can use them to add to your existing body drawings. The main purpose of these patterns is to decorate the surface with beautiful designs.

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