5 Valentine’s Day 2023 Couple Tattoos Ideas To Prove Your Love Is Permanent

New Delhi:

Inking together is a significant milestone in any relationship. This is a sign that the couple is ready to make a commitment.

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. This is the ideal day to ink a couple. You’ll treasure these special moments for many years. This strengthens your relationship. While getting a lover’s name or initials continues to be a popular tattoo option, there are other gorgeous designs that are sure to stand the test of time.

In an interaction ABP Live, Varun Saklani, tattoo artist at Devil’z Tattooz revealed five exclusive tattoo ideas that can be explored this V-Day:

Matching Minimalism

Your first tattoo session should be simple and minimalistic. Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner had matching butterfly tattoos. This was Stormi, Stormi’s daughter, and their relationship.

For your better half

If you are a couple that finishes each other’s sentences then opt for a design that shows your amazing connection. A crowd favorite design is to ink half a heart on each index hand, so that it becomes a complete design when you hold hands.

Unorthodox Romance

For a truly unique tattoo design, you can use each other’s thumb prints to create the shape of a heart. Because no two people have exactly the same fingerprint, this design is unique.


If celebrating anniversaries and relationship milestones is your dating style, here’s the perfect ink design for you. A tattoo can be created from the coordinates of your first meeting or the date you met.

The Imperfect Two

Attractive people are attracted to each other for a long time. A great idea if you’re married is to coordinate mismatched tattoos. This includes lock and key, crowns and kings and queens, the sun and moon, and your zodiac constellations.

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