Abi Rawlings Unveils Stunning Tattoo Showcase in Suspenders and Corset Post ‘Love Island’ Return to Tattooing


In a captivating display of artistry and self-expression, Abi Rawlings, the former Love Island sensation, recently mesmerized her Instagram followers by showcasing her extensive tattoo collection in a sultry photoshoot featuring suspenders and a corset. The 27-year-old tattoo artist, known for her stint on Love Island’s seventh series, exuded confidence and style in the revealing underwear, offering a glimpse into her remarkable body art.

Abi’s Instagram clip unveiled her impeccable physique and diverse ink collection, with the star confidently posing in various positions. Fans were quick to compliment her, expressing awe at the “level of hotness” and admiration for her impressive tattoos. The video sparked a flurry of comments, with many praising the artist’s unique and striking ink designs.

Abi looked incredible as she posed up a storm in the corset and suspenders
Abi looked incredible as she posed a storm in the corset and suspenders. Credit: Instagram.

Before her Love Island fame, Abi Rawlings had established herself as a talented tattoo artist. Recently, she made headlines again by opening up about her return to her roots. The star shared a sneak peek into her new tattoo studio, ingeniously set up in a spare room within her London home. Sporting a crop top and jogging bottoms, Abi posed confidently, holding up a peace sign against the backdrop of her tattooing haven.

The glimpse into Abi’s studio revealed a sophisticated setup, complete with an oversized black leather tattoo chair, a well-equipped desk, and a professional ring light, creating an ambiance conducive to her creative process. The artist expressed her excitement and passion for her return to tattooing, emphasizing the creation of her “own little private tattoo studio” designed with privacy in mind.

She showed off her impressive tattoo collection in the clip
She showed off her impressive tattoo collection in the clip credit: Instagram.

Abi Rawlings’ journey from reality TV fame to her roots as a tattoo artist reflects a commitment to her craft and a desire for a more intimate and personal creative space. The announcement of her private studio drew positive reactions from her followers, who eagerly anticipate the unique designs that will emerge from this new chapter of her career.

As Abi Rawlings continues to captivate audiences with her bold choices and artistic flair, her return to tattooing marks a significant moment in her professional journey. The fusion of her reality TV experiences and dedication to tattooing adds an intriguing layer to her story, making her a noteworthy figure in both the entertainment and tattoo worlds.

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