Are face and freckle tattoos worth the regret?

A woman has revealed that her love for tattoos is so strong she’s started covering her face –  even inking on words, dots, and faux freckles.

Daisy posted her unique tattoos to TikTok. She loves them, despite the comments of trolls.

Daisy took to TikTok to share that her love for tattoos is so strong, she's even started inking her face - including drawing on faux freckles
Daisy posted on TikTok about her tattoo obsession. She even began inking her face with fake freckles.
She shared that she loves her face tattoos, explaining they're some of her favorite of the hundreds that cover her entire body
She revealed that her face tattoos are some of her favorites among the hundreds of others that cover her body. Credit: daisy lovesick

It is important to note that “you” means “you.” BrisbaneTattoo artist based in -based, also known as @daisylovesickHer 529.300 fans are regularly updated on the reality of her career.

In a recent video, she explains her decision to tattoo faux freckles.

She said: “Every single one of my freckles is tattooed. They’re so cute!

“Let me take my glasses off so you can see them better…

“I started tattooing my freckles at the start of 2020, and I’ve done them about once every six months since.

“I don’t ever touch up an existing freckle; I only add more. I sometimes add 50 freckles at once. Sometimes I only do 10.

“I can see the ones I did most recently cause they stand out the most. And then the ones that have sat and settled in, the subtle ones that you can barely see, are about three years old.”

Pointing at a tiny light brown freckle near her mouth and then by her eyebrow, she added: “My favorite ones are these two down here and then these three up there.”

Her unique ink gained much attention on the internet, with more than 4,500 views and likes.

In the comments, TikTokkers shared their reactions, with one writing: “They look so natural!”

“Cute AF, and never a chance of it turning into a skin cancer,” commented someone else.

Although not all were convinced, another added: “I don’t get it. I’ve always had freckles, and I wish I didn’t have them. But people who don’t want them… won’t get them. they horrible.”

In another video, Daisy shares her other facial tattoos, adding: “My face tattoos are some of my favorite tattoos on my body.

“I mean, thank goodness, right? They’re so visible.

“Across the top of my forehead, it says, ‘strange as angels’… it’s from Just Like Heaven by The Cure… impeccable, love it.”

Pointing at two small black dots below her eyes, she continued: “My two little dots were done by John FTW, who works at Black Throne in Brisbane. He’s done most of the work on my body, including these two babies, and I love them so much.”

The tattoo artist reveals that she has inkings all over her body, including her chest, her neck, and her inside lip.

Her arms, back, and legs are also covered in colorful artwork.

But what’s her response to those that say she’ll regret the permanent markings in years to come?

“My favorite response when someone tells me that I’m going to regret my tattoos when I’m older is to ask them why they care.

“I used to work in bars and clubs and spicy clubs, and people, particularly men, would say this kind of thing to me all the time.

“The best response is to just look at them, keep the smile on your face, keep the friendly demeanor, and just be like, ‘Why do you care though’?

“They’ll get flustered, sort of go like, ‘oh, eh, oh.’

“Keep going and say, ‘You won’t know me when I’m old. I don’t know you now, so I’m suddenly not going to know you when I’m old, so why does it matter?’

“This makes the person saying it highly uncomfortable because it forces them to confront the idea that they don’t care about your appearance when you’re older.

“They’re just using it as a reason to be a judgmental so and so right now.

“The best part about it is you don’t come across as aggressive or bitchy in any way cause you’re just having a conversation. You are ping-ponging the conversation back to them. Why do they care about it?

“It works every time, trust me.”

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