Brooklyn Beckham reveals new tattoo to honor wife Nicola Peltz

Brooklyn Beckham revealed yet another tattoo in honor of his wife Nicola Peltz while appearing on The Jennifer Hudson Show on Wednesday.

The 24-year-old son of soccer player David Beckham and Spice Girl Victoria Beckham removed his sweater to show off his latest ink – a large portrait of  Nicola, 28, on his arm.

The aspiring chef also revealed he has ‘between 80 to 100’ tattoos in total, many of which are also tributes to Nicola.

Brooklyn shared that he had the lyrics of the song the couple danced down the aisle to in April last year, right under the actress’s eyes.

Brooklyn also shared in an interview that he had legally incorporated Nicola’s last name after their marriage to ‘honor the family.

Get new ink Brooklyn Beckham showed off yet another tattoo in honor of his wife Nicola Peltz during an appearance on Wednesday’s Jennifer Hudson Show
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Tribute: The 24-year-old son of soccer player David Beckham removed his sweater to show off his latest ink – a large portrait of Nicola, 28, on his arm
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His muse. The aspiring chef also said he has a total of ‘between 80 and 100’ tattoos. Pictured 2023

Hudson congratulated Hudson on his first wedding anniversary. She then inquired about the name change.

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He stated, “It was my idea because she wanted to honor her last name, and you know, I thought it would be so cute to see little Peltz Beckham running around when we have children.”

He also babbled about their “throuple” friendship with Selena Gomez (30), calling her a “talented” and a “sweet girl”.

Brooklyn said yes to the question, “I want a big family with Nicola.”

“Yes, I want as many children as my wife wants.” She can have as many children as she wants, but I’m not obligated to.

Then he revealed that the temperature is the only thing they disagree about since Nicola loves it very hot.

He shared that “She likes it on as 87,” and added that she wears a lot of pajamas, fluffy socks, and sometimes her jumpers to bed.

Brooklyn has many tattoos that are a tribute to their love, including one with her surname.

In May of last year, he got yet another tattoo in tribute to his wife written in the black cursive script – showing his wedding vows which he shared at their wedding in April.

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Devoted: Brooklyn revealed that he had legally incorporated Nicola’s last name in an interview to ‘honor her families’. Pictured 2023
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Brooklyn is ready for a big family. Brooklyn shared his desire to have a large family but ultimately it was up to Nicola. She can have as many children as she wants, but I would prefer a lot.
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Tattoos: Brooklyn’s surname is ‘Peltz.’ Her grandmother’s name is ‘Gina.’ His finger has a lover.
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Nicola. Other Brooklyn dedications include Nicola’s first name
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Brooklyn, look at me: Brooklyn also had the eyes of his wife tattooed on his back.
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Brooklyn was able to dedicate another tattoo to honor his Nicola, this time in the black cursive text that depicts his wedding vows.

It reads, “Nicola when you walked down that aisle you took mine away. You look so beautiful tonight and forever.

“Let’s start by saying that my love for you is beyond words. I look at you and see my future. It feels like a fairy tale. You are my world, and I fall in love more with you each day.

“Having you in my world is the best thing I have ever done. You made me the man that I am today.

In August, he also showed off his “married” tattoo.

‘I have been waiting for this day so long because today I get to marry Nicola, my forever babe, and my best friend. Today you have become my partner, my other ha, and my family. I feel blessed to be able to spend the rest of my life with you.

“I will be your best friend, husband, and father, to love you unconditionally, make you smile, feel safe, and most importantly love you.”

He concluded, saying: “I can’t WAIT to live my dreams with you and have lots and lots of children. You are forever my.”

Brooklyn has other tattoos as a tribute to his wife. These include a love message she wrote, a large font, her grandmother’s name, and her eyes.

He has another tribute tattoo in large script on his lower right arm that reads: “My life, love, truth, breath, my reason and beauty, my precious.”

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Throuple: He also briefly touched on their “throuple” friendship with Selena Gomez (30), in the interview, calling her a “talented” and a “sweet girl”.

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