Captain Lee Clarifies Meaning Behind His Chest Tattoo in Response to Fan’s Mistaken Theory

Captain Lee has corrected a Beneath Deck fan on Twitter after they mistakenly theorized that his chest tattoo depicted fellow yachting captain Jason Chambers.

Fan theories are hypotheses proposed by the viewers and readers of a selected leisure supply, so they don’t simply pertain to fiction.

CivicScience knowledge reveals that 52 percent of individuals within the US watch not less than one hour of actuality TV per week, and standard reveals usually amass massive fanbases that are always looking out for brand new data on their favorite stars.

Nonetheless, there are precise individuals on the opposite aspect of the digital camera, and it’s essential not to forget that these theories might affect what they’re about. One Beneath Deck fan discovered the arduous means after tweeting that Captain Lee’s chest tattoo appeared to depict Captain Jason solely to have Lee appropriate them.

As a “former day skipper,” Emma Jesson took to Twitter during a Below Deck binge after spotting Captain Lee’s ink, writing, “I spy with my little eye…something beginning with ‘Cap J??’”

“Sorry to disappoint you, Emma, but that’s a tattoo of my son Josh, who passed away [4.5 years ago],” Captain Lee responded.

Mortified by the “insensitive” mix-up, Emma deleted her original post and made a series of Tweets apologizing.

“Words cannot convey how sorry I am about your son or that I appeared to have made light of your beautiful tattoo,” Emma said, explaining that she hadn’t been watching the seasons of Below Deck in order and had not made the connection.

“I knew about your son but am so stupid not to have linked him to your tattoo,” Emma said. A follow-up tweet clarifying, “Yes [I] know about your beautiful [son’s] passing… but because I have not been watching the seasons in order, I did not link Josh to your tattoo.”

Emma expressed that she was “deeply sorry” for posting the Tweet, “Only those who have walked in your shoes can even come vaguely close to knowing something of your pain… God bless you, your son [and] family, sending love [and] light.”

Although Emma has asked Captain Lee to accept her “sincere and heartfelt apology,” he has yet to respond.

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